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PixlTalk Episode 29: Miyamoto's on Speed Dial

Stay tuned for a special announcement about PixlBit, as well as your regularly scheduled content from the PixlTalk crew.

This week starts with a special site announcement delivered by Nick and Chessa, but is promptly followed by regular weekly discussion. Given the swirling rumors of the Wii successor, discussion of the upcoming system continued this week. What's now confirmed as Project Cafe is discussed in detail, as is the credibility of the various rumors that are floating around.

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Is the PSPgo Really Worth It?

With a lack of ability to play UMDs but the added convenience of on-board storage, does the go measure up?

With the PSPgo out in the wild, we must ask the question: Is it worth it?

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Press Release - BLAZE Release Two New High Style Protective Cases for the PSP Go

Give your new PSP Go the protection it deserves, with an extra touch of class!

Doncaster, UK – 25rd Sept 2009 - There is no denying Sony’s new ultra portable handheld wonder and is a thing of absolute beauty, with its sleek new design and curvaceous lines it deserves the highest protection from those all too common drops and knocks!

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