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#Shadow the Hedgehog

Sonic's 20th Anniversary Special

Come celebrate Sonic's anniversary by sharing your memories of the series alongside the PixlBit staff!

Earlier this year, on June 23, Sonic turned 20 years old. As a celebration of his legacy, Sega is releasing Sonic Generations today on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, with the 3DS version to follow later this month. The game celebrates the history of the franchise by joining old and new into one singular game that promises to mesh and meld all of what makes Sonic great. PixlBit's staff, growing up during the era of the blue blur, have fond memories of Sonic and his games and have come together to share their memories of the mascot.

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The Shadow You Know

The Battle Within

Psychiatrist Carl Jung, a contemporary and friend of the more famous Sigmund Freud, believed that the unconscious human psyche manifests itself through different roles to the individual. These unconscious manifestations, more commonly known as archetypes, are a universal condition that is an innate part of human existence. While numerous archetypes have been identified, there are main archetypes present in every human mind: The Self, the Persona, the Anima/Animus and the Shadow.

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