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#Supremacy MMA

Supremacy MMA: Unrestricted Review

Didn't you know that you can only knock out your opponent to win an MMA match?

If you’re going to create a game based on a specific sport, you usually want to make sure it’s replicated properly. Real MMA matches revolve around brutal submissions and painful, high intensity fights, but this is not the case with Supremacy MMA Unrestricted. Here, things are slow moving and tap-outs are impossible, as you merely chip away your opponent’s life bar until you knock them out. Furthermore, despite the varying disciplines of the sport, each and every fighter plays nearly the same, with the exception of grapple-based fighters who are at a distinct advantage. With its inaccurate portrayal and unbalanced roster, you’ll quickly find that Supremacy MMA Unrestricted is not only a bad MMA game, but a bad fighting game as well.

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