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#big deal

Nerds Without Pants Episode 75: Leather-Clad Nerds

Happy anniversary, NWP!

Welcome, welcome, to the 75th episode of Nerds Without Pants! It's a monumental occasion, as we are also celebrating our third year anniversary. We celebrate in bombastic fashion, with an epic episode full of surprises and hilarity. If you can make it to the end of this three and a half hour monster we love you.

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Slide Pad Love: Why It’s a Big Deal

Wait, they are calling it the Circle Pad now? Well that’s just lame.

I could list all the 3DS features, but that would seem just silly; I am not a PR machine. March 27th is soon upon us all, and we will all have the 3DS in our grasp. Will I be ready to handle a brand new Nintendo handheld system? While it will take a bit for me to experience the 3D aspect (since Nintendo of Canada hasn’t bothered to release any 3DS tour information yet), it will be yet another handheld cycle for me to go through, and I’m looking forward to it.

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