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#final fantasy vii remake

Nerds Without Pants Spoils Final Fantasy VII: Remake

We're gonna get so much crap for this...

Well, here we go: it’s the Nerds Without Pants spoilercast for Final Fantasy VII Remake. Justin and Julian don’t agree with the majority of reviewers when it comes to this game, but hopefully you will enjoy this different take on one of the biggest games of the year. Keep in mind that, in order for us to talk about what rubbed us wrong about Remake we also need to spoil the original Final Fantasy VII. So if you were thinking of going back and playing that after playing this, you may want to wait before diving into this episode. With that said, enjoy this very raw, very unedited special edition of NWP!

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 174: We Regret Everything

...especially Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Welcome to what’s sure to be one of the most divisive episodes of Nerds Without Pants since, like, The Last of Us came out. We’re here to talk to you about some of our greatest video game regrets, which ends up being a very healing and cathartic Stage Select topic. Then, Julian and Justin are against the world when it comes to Final Fantasy VII Remake, and in Video Game Cage Match we have Horizon: Zero Dawn taking on X-Com: Enemy Unknown. Let’s goooo!

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 154: Imagine Dinosaurs

It's NWP AMA Round 2!

Welcome to one of the beefiest episodes of Nerds Without Pants this year, and there were only two of us on this episode! Must be all the E3 hype. Or maybe it was your AWESOME questions for our second AMA edition of Stage Select. It might have even been a hellacious Video Game Cage Match! Regardless of the reasoning, please enjoy this super-sized edition of NWP!

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 77: Fantasy Gear

Or: The great Metal Gear debate.

Hey, we're back! I told you we would get back on schedule, and this episode of Nerds Without Pants is packed to the gills with video game discussion. This one is coming in hot, so let's get to it, shall we?

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