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Nerds Without Pants Episode 97: NWP x TnB

Don't let the cute article image fool you; this one is filthy!

Welcome to what is easily the craziest episode of Nerds Without Pants of ALL TIME. That’s because we have Tyler and Bob from the TnB Podcast on this week, and Patrick is running the Stage Select segment. Seriously, you don’t stand a chance against this episode. Just surrender now. All your attention is belong to us.

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Push Start to Continue Episode 1: PSTC The Reboot


A great tragedy has befallen PixlBit.  Through the instability and craziness that is technology, all previous episodes of Push Start to Continue have been lost.  This calamity not only affects the denizens of PixlBit, but is considered a great loss to humanity as a whole.  We are all a little worse off because of it. 

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Push Start to Continue Episode 10: New Hardware Edition

Finally, we can watch television on our televisions.

In this edition of Push Start to Continue the boys don’t spend any time at all talking about the newly announced Xbox One and Microsoft’s “One Device to Rule Them All!” market strategy…wait, that’s actually the opposite of what happens here.

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Afterfall: InSanity - Enviro Trailer 2011

This action horror game for the PC and OnLive comes out 11/25/11

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MIA - Eternal Darkness


Friday is upon us again and that means it’s time for yet another installment of Missing in Action!  For those of you that are new to these electronic pages, MIA is a bi-weekly column where we highlight a game or franchise of old that could use a shot in the arm and a current generation makeover.

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