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Rayman Legends Review

One of the best modern day platformers.

Two years ago, Rayman hit the scene with one of his most inspired adventures yet. It took series staples and wove them into one of the most beautiful and interesting platformers I’d ever seen. Well, Rayman Legends is now here and it somehow manages to surpass Rayman Origins in every way imaginable. It applies the same great platforming to gorgeous new inspired worlds and even manages to make it enjoyable for more than one concurrent player this time around.

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Rayman Legends - Developer Diary with Michel Ancel

The creator of the Rayman series talks about the creative, and development process for Rayman Legends.

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Rayman Origins Review

Ubisoft delivers a near perfect port of a near perfect game.

Stunning animations and gorgeous art design make this 2D platformer a must see for all gamers. The visuals aren’t the only trick up up Ubisoft’s sleeve though. The game’s top-notch controls and level design will assure you that the flashy visuals are merely the icing on a gameplay-focused cake.

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