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#paradigm shift

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Footage

Brief footage of the time labyrinth anomaly and battle. Click through for the second video.

Be sure to also check out Jason R's impressions after playing it on the show floor!

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Hands On Preview

The direct follow-up to Final Fantasy XIII also made an appearance at the Sony press conference.

We all know that Final Fantasy XIII was more of a linear experience - a trait that many long time fans of the series took issue with. While the game offered amazing graphics and a unique approach to the traditional RPG gameplay, for many it still left something to be desired. It was clear based on the brief demo I played, that XIII-2 would not follow that same linear structure. The world I encountered when I finally got to play the game was much more open, and perhaps contained more possibilities. I can't stress enough how much of an improvement this will be over the previous title if it manages to offer the same gameplay throughout the entire quest.

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Final Fantasy XIII Review

Massive changes to the formula have been made, most of which will alienate the die-hard fans of the series.

Final Fantasy XIII is an absolutely intriguing game. I say this because it has made some of the most radical changes I have ever seen in an RPG, especially for the by-the-book Final Fantasy series. In my opinion, these changes are absolutely phenomenal; boiling RPGs down to their essence and refining the remaining bits into a single coherent experience. JRPG and Final Fantasy fans are likely to be outraged at the massive overall seen here.

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