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#prepare to die

Dark Souls II Initial Impressions

Well jeez, I wasn't prepared to die this much.

Like many other small gaming outlets, PixlBit didn't receive their copy of Dark Souls II until the Friday before the game's March 11 release. This didn't afford much time to play the game to meet embargo; however, that's no big deal, because it's affording other opportunities, like this article! Until resident Souls master Chris Yarger has time to crank out his review, I figured that I'd provide some initial impressions for those waiting with bated breath for PixlBit's review of From Software's latest masterpiece.

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Demon's Souls To Remain Online in North America

And there was much rejoicing.

Just when we thought we couldn’t get any more deader, Atlus comes out with an announcement that will have Demon’s Souls fans rejoicing.  The publisher, who had previously stated that the game’s servers would be going offline at the end of the month has pulled a 180 and declared that North American server support will instead “continue to operate for the foreseeable future.”

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