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Mario Mania: A Super Mario Bros. Retrospective

Matt takes an in-depth look at each Mario game.

You don’t have to tell me that I am a year late. I already know that. Mario’s 25th Anniversary has already come and gone, and Nintendo’s other big franchise is celebrating its 25th this year: namely, the Legend of Zelda. Yet you already know that by now, so you are probably asking this question right now: “Matt, what the hell? Why are you doing a Mario retrospective when you could be writing about Zelda?”

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PixlBit: A Retrospective

With the 2.0 redesign upon us, Nick has a chance to look back on the beginnings of the site and just how far we have come.

It’s hard to believe, but PixlBit has been around for almost two years at this point. Having just released the second version of the site, I can’t help but get nostalgic and look back on our beginnings and just how far we’ve come.

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