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#super meat boy

Super Meat Boy Forever Review

You can’t beat this meat.

Ten years ago, we were given a gift in the form of Super Meat Boy on Xbox Live Arcade. At the time, we’d never really seen anything like it. Smaller indie downloadable games were really just starting to enter the mainstream consciousness of gaming and Super Meat Boy effectively kicked the door in and made clear that these smaller titles had something special to offer and were here to stay. And since that statement, myriad other developers have taken lessons from Super Meat Boy and its DNA can be seen in so many games that would follow. However, this creates an interesting predicament that Team Meat needed to solve - how do you offer a sequel that manages to bring something new to the table, while still feeling as simple and approachable (and difficult) as the original did?

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Shio Review

O masocore games, how I love thee.

There’s an itch that super challenging platformers scratch for me that other games just can't. While it’s always nice to dig into a classic platformer like Mario or something a bit more unique like Rayman, getting my fix of games like Super Meat Boy and N++ is a necessity. Shio fits very nicely into that niche and offers a decent chunk of gameplay, a unique hook that differentiates it from the crowd, and healthy offering of secrets to extend the experience.

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Nintendo Denies The Binding of Isaac a 3DS Release

Its controversial content is to blame.

Edmund McMillen tweeted last night that his title, The Binding of Isaac, won't be published on the 3DS.

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The Binding of Isaac Review

Fun, gross, and more than worth its cost.

The Binding of Isaac is made by the same team that brought you Super Meat Boy, and it shows. Everything is familiar: the visuals (just as morbid), the music (same composer), even the difficulty level (not quite as bad but nowhere near easy). Though they’re from different genres, if you liked Super Meat Boy you’ll almost certainly like Binding of Isaac.

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