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ZombiU Review

The definition of survival horror.

Take this how you will, but I am scared of playing ZombiU. Every time I pick up the Wii U Gamepad to start playing, I get a feeling of dread, and worry. Before I start, I carefully consider my last outing in the game, and identify what it is I have to do in order to survive as long as possible. This is a feeling that no horror game has brought up in a long time. While my fear of ZombiU can be seen as a positive or a negative depending on the context of the question, there is no doubt that ZombiU is an achievement in the survival horror genre. 

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PixlTalk Episode 80: Wii Unanimous Love

The Wii U is out and the love is free-flowing on this episode of PixlTalk.

After a short hiatus and some failed podcasts post-New York Comic Con, episode 80 has finally come to fruition. And not a moment too late, as the crew for this episode (Nick, Jason, and JD) all have their Deluxe Wii Us and are excited to talk about them.

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Nintendo Wii U to Launch With Exclusive Survival-Horror Shooter

Sounds thrilling.

After a tongue-in-cheek teaser for a zombie game during yesterday's Nintendo Direct presentation, Ubisoft formally announced "ZombieU" today at E3. The Wii U exclusive will set players in a zombie outbreak on the streets of modern day London as thousands are ravaged by a deadly virus. The first person shooter integrates interactive elements, GamePad controls, multiplayer, and more. 

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