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About Me:

....This blog and profile still under construction...

- I am still very much into gaming and anime related things..Although keeping up with news can be a real chore...I probably know about a few titles here and there...
- LuminousAtelier is my 'Artist' name so you'll find that on a lot of my sketches..And it's the name of my own little Mascot of sorts..~
- Bit of an artist,bit of a writer..I sometimes ramble...(Although I have hermit tendencies so pardon the random disappearing acts/MIA instances..~)
- Still game a little..Not very much though..Maybe I'll use my Backloggery as sorta status update of sorts..(Sporadically..) ....Also it kinda acts like a 'serious' list of the games I got..
- I sometimes draw,take photos,write a bit and mess with photoshop a lot.(You'll see custom banners here and there..)...Mostly make sporadic dumps around DeviantArt

Favorite Games:

Wait for it...~

Favorite Music: