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Gaming Things Lately

On 12/18/2015 at 12:45 PM by Alex-C25

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My last update didn't have much in the way of gaming, but now I decided to rectify that and update with much of the things i've been playing and adquired lately (read: one day ago). Let's not waste time and start:

Super Mario 3D World:

Those who remember the blog I did on BaD about the predecesor of this game, 3D Land, will remember that although I still really liked it, I wasn't really excited about the game, mostly due to barebones content, over easiness, over linearity and in the end feeling like a proof of concept in doing a 3D Mario on the 3DS and/or perhaps translating the level structure and design of the New Super Mario Bros. games in the third dimension. I could have been worried about that with 3D World, but I instantly got confident with the trailers because it seemed like they were going in the right direction with the now stablished structure.... And I was right!

3D World expands 3D Land like any sequel should, not only by including more content, but also polishing previous aspects. Though still linear, the levels offer many secrets and challenges much better done than the last game and rewards exploration, the controls feel much better (both on the Gamepad and Pro Controller) and offer more tightness and precision than the 3DS (which is quite impressive since the later ones were also solid controls), the characters are all a blast to play and definitely different, it looks gorgeous and runs smoothly, and above all, it's freaking fun, both on single player and even more so on co-op, which i've been doing with a buddy everytime we get together.

Like I said in my last update, after changing the region I lost all the progress I had from the beginning of this year, but fortunately I catched up by playing co-op to the last world I got before deletion. Since I wanted to play that rest alone, I simply copied the file to another one so I could continue from there whenever I reunited with my buddy. After that I advanced two world and got to one I won't say since it doesn't have a number and I don't want to spoil the surprise. And yes, I was already spoiled by certain character revelation.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition:

I don't have that much of a story with the Tekken saga. The only time i've got to experience it was playing once or twice an Arcade cabinet of Tekken 3 (which I loved BTW), so this here is my first ever buy of this franchise and I don't regret it.

This game was also a victim of the file deletion, but I don't mind that much because I didn't have that much progress either way. Overall, i'm really digin this game and this is coming from someone that except for Smash Bros., isn't that good at traditional fighting games, but it helps that this has a tutorial of sorts and doesn't complicate some things when showing how to perform moves and combos (I love you Skullgirls, but you don't help that much with that). Although it can go for buttom smashing prompts, I doesn't always rely on that and the battles still have some bits of strategy needed and taking things a bit slow. Overall it's fun and also a blast to play on multiplayer as I did that with the same 3D World Buddy (both of us being kind of equal in being good/sucking badly as he actually grew up with fighting games).

Oh BTW, my mains so far are Leo, Lili, King, Asuka, Michelle and Raven.

Nintendo Land:

Playing from time to time, mostly on the single player atractions. Oddly enough, the game wasn't a victim from the change of region since I still have the previous Colombian Mii with the previous progress untouched. I still started with the new Mii anew.

Wipeout Pure:

Somehow feeling like playing and returning to this one on the PSP. Another one i've been playing from time to time and alternating between the championship, individual races and time trial since there's medals on everything and each one gives as an extra artwork from the production of this game, although you do have to advance on the championship to unlock the difficulty/speed levels of the game.

I do quite like it just like the first time I played this. I do think there's some stifness to the turning, the AI can be quite the bastard, it can get pretty hard and there's one track which I can't remember its name that I hate so goddamn much. The sountrack is also great and honestly, any game with Aphex Twin on the soundtrack deserves a medal.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition:

Behind the following one, currently the second 2D Plataformer i'm playing the most. It's a pretty well done combination of Brawler, Plataformer and specialy Metroidvania and controls pretty well besides some slight problems with wall jumping and clinging. The art is excellent and the music is pretty catchy.

Rogue Legacy:

Here's the 2D Plataformer i've been playing the most, now with 20 hours at the time of writing.

I'm starting to really like these games that combine Roguelike mechanics in other genres (called Roguelites by TotalBiscuit which on itself was taken from another Youtuber) and this game gets better everytime you make a significant progress. Basically, I liked it at first, but once I started to upgrade everything the games becomes a blast and much of the things thought to be hard can now be done with ease (though some depend on which type of hero and/or set of Runes you are using). Of course, doesn't mean it gets easier, because the game still hates you and screws with you on many chances, not to the point of unfairness, but still enough that can frustrate you.

Lately i've been trying to go around looting to upgrade and not only get stronger against the third zone (The Maya), but also the third boss. That bastard is painful.

About my PSP

This was something that already happened since June and I mentioned here on a comment, but I don't think many here know this.

Last June of this year I discovered that after about 8 years of using my PSP, it now decided to have a fatal flaw, that flaw being that the D-Pad are not working anymore. To be clear, the system works just fine and the rest of the buttoms and joystick work as intended, but because the D-Pad is needed not only for a lot of games but also the menu of the PSP, this pretty much screwed my console.

So what did I do? Well, I changed for another one. More especifically, a friend was selling his PSP, together with some of this games, so I decided to take out some savings and buy it.

So goodbye to my ol' Black PSP and hello to the new silver one. If I ever do a collection blog of all my consoles, i'll show both handhelds.

Newest Adquisitions

I caved in and decided to get the whole pack minus T-shirt of the NeoGeo Bundle at Humble, mostly for the ones with Steam keys, but there's some I heard and got interested, aside from other classics present. If you're interested in getting the bundle, there's about 3 or 4 days left.

I'm also planning in spending some real money on Smash Bros. 4 (sorry, I call it that) on the Wii U, perhaps this Saturday before going to see The Force Awakens.

So yeah, that's all for gaming updates.



Matt Snee Staff Writer

12/18/2015 at 04:28 PM

I loved Mario 3D World.  Maybe it wasn't as good as Mario galaxy but I had an awful lot of fun with it.  

Im also big into Wipeout. Had the original game for PSONE back in the day.  Loved the soundtrack.


12/19/2015 at 03:00 PM

Let's face it, until that day comes, no other Mario game (save the 2D classics) will ever surpass both Galaxy games, but 3D World can really come close. It's still fantastic for what it is.

I would really like to play the rest of the Wipeout franchise. I have Wipeout Pulse (the second PSP game of the franchise) on my wishlist.

Super Step Contributing Writer

12/18/2015 at 04:34 PM

I played Mario 3D World with some friends a year or so ago. It was fun, but not incredibly so. I dunno. Maybe they weren't the exact right friends since it was coworkers.

Surprised you hadn't played Tekken on console before, though less surprised you played it in arcade. It was the first 3D game to wow me when I played it at a PSX kiosk during the system's launch.

Nintendo Land I have not heard about in a while.

WipeOut looked really good on PSP, I often envied it in the early days of PSP vs. DS, but ultimately the DS just had a much greater library making me feel justified in my choice (unlike the Gamecube, where I felt cheated out of certain PS2/Xbox titles). I still want a new F-Zero. I think I have played WipeOut, but not sure. 

Yeah, Guacamelee is a hell of a game, but while I actually like the wall jumping and climbing, those segments where you have to fly through a bunch of obstacles while switching between living and dead worlds overloaded my brain a bit and got frustrating.

I think there was a sale lately where Rogue Legacy was super cheap but I passed. Or maybe it was in a Humble Bundle and I have it but haven't played it? I feel like it was a PlayStation sale though and I know it's not on my PS4, though it's probably available and cheap for that system.

I still need a new Gamecube controller since my control stick no longer allows directly forward movement, so I can play some games while others like Zelda are just way too slow. I think it's gunk in the controller though, so I'm gonna try to open the controller first, which apparently takes special screwdrivers. WTF, Nintnendo?

I bought that NeoGeo bundle. mothman is a bad influence.

I really want a Wii U and to see Force Awakens, so I feel you there.

Oh and Alex? I forgot my login to letterboxd. But I will add you. I will add you ....

And Iiiiiiiii eeeee IIIIIII willl go and aaaaaaaaaaadddd yoooooooooouuuuuu. 

Guess what movie that references. 


12/19/2015 at 03:42 PM

I personally think 3D World is quite fantastic. For me, it clicked just fine since it fixed nearly everything I had a beef with in 3D Land.

Tekken 3 did wow me at the time I played it on the Arcade. I always wanted to play Tekken, but at the time it was exclusive to the PS2 (I had chosen the Xbox), so I never had a chance that much, not even on the next gen when I only had a Wii. The good thing is, the definitive version of Tekken 5 has a (rather great from what i've heard) port on the PSP, same with the 6th game, so i'll check those.

I never regreted getting a PSP, but I still felt cheated out of DS games I wanted to own so badly. Atleast i'm slowly fixing that after getting a 3DS.

So far, not actually minding the switch between the living and death world on Guacamelee.

Just checked your Steam and you don't seem to own it. If you have an account over Humble, maybe you do have it and just haven't put the key on Steam. Otherwise if you don't own it on PC, I recommend Rogue Legacy if you're up to something hard were you die constantly. Guess you could go for the PS4 version since unless I missed something, you don't have a gamepad for PC.

If you can't find anything to fix that controller, maybe you should get one of the newest Gamecube ones released for Smash 4.

mothman is a hypnotist Tongue Out

Nice, looking forward to follow you there. Oh, and that's a reference to Whitney Houston's cover of I Will Always Love You made for The Bodyguard.

Super Step Contributing Writer

12/19/2015 at 07:24 PM

I do have a gamepad for PC actually ... I kinda hate keyboard controls. lol

Guacamelee! doesn't get annoying switching between light and dark right away, but ... well, you'll see. lol Or maybe not. I just didn't like the constant switching while flying and avoiding obstacles in certain sections. Definitely easier when you learn how to slow it down by clinging to walls, but don't remember if that is always an option. 

And actually, when I looked on Amazon, the Smash ones were way cheaper than the actual Gamecube controllers new, which were ridiculously expensive. Are they really that rare and/or hard to produce? Like, holy shit.

You are correct, sir. I've never seen the movie though. Just know that reference.


12/19/2015 at 10:06 PM

About time you finally got one. I mostly prefer keyboard for shooters, strategy games and adventure, otherwise I use the Gamepad.

Well then, ask if the new Gamecube pads work with the old console and if you think you have the money and/or really need one, get one.

I've never seen The Bodyguard either. Atleast the movie seems to be remembered and escaped the curse of many 80 to early 90s movies of having their song becoming more remembered than the movie :P

Super Step Contributing Writer

12/19/2015 at 10:10 PM

I got one in 2013 for Christmas ... so I've had it two years now. lol

To be honest, I remember the last scene from An Officer and a Gentleman, but totally forgot the song was Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong. Never seen that movie either.


12/19/2015 at 11:43 PM

Oh wait, I already knew you had a gamepad. I confused it with a mouse, since that one you don't have unless I missed your adquisition of one.

Super Step Contributing Writer

12/20/2015 at 04:17 AM

oh yeah, no. no mouse. don't really like playing with one to be honest, the controls for FPS feel too loose and I have trouble aiming; also I don't play stuff like RTS, so don't really need the keyboard.

Cary Woodham

12/18/2015 at 08:18 PM

I liked the Nintendo costumes in the Tekken Wii U game. :)


12/19/2015 at 03:43 PM

So do I. Raven as Captain Falcon fits surprisingly well.


12/21/2015 at 01:13 AM

I have fond memories playing Wipeout Pulse on PSP in college. I rememeber playing it all day in the college library when I was supposed to be studying! And yeah, what a great soundtrack.

My PSP of 6 years also got a fatal flaw of a busted joystick. Thankfully, my new PSP is working fine.


12/21/2015 at 06:38 PM

Doing somethign when you're supposed to be studying, i've been there this year :P

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