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About Me:

Greetings and Salutations. Welcome to my pixlbit Page!

I've been a gamer since the NES era and consider myself a jack-of-all trades when it comes to console gaming: proficient in all but a master of none.Though I do try to keep up with the latest games to come out, I usually fall behind the pack that consider themselves "hardcore" gamers. Currently I've found myself getting into retro gaming given the new changes coming in the gaming industry. (Online Pass/DLC/Season Pass/Console DRM/) I'm mostly trying to collect older games from older systems, if not in trying to enjoy what I missed but to prepare myself in the event if the second videogame crash comes to pass. My basic interest is just to perform actions in games that are frowned upon in common society. Thus why my moniker being: The Virtual Reality Sociopath. I may seem "odd" but to quote a famous saying: Don't judge a book by it's cover. In the end I pretty much play what I like though I do have some particular fancies. I mostly play by myself or with a friend at home. (If I ever get a friend to come over) Though I am online I'm still a bit behind on the usual online trends. I haven't played a single co-op mode game and hardly any versus matches. The only online experience I've had so far has been FPSer's and MMORPG's like Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe. So if we ever meet online please forgive my naivety. When I am online I'm the quiet type that tries to be the most helpful and someone you can rely on, be it in any online format.

Five Six Seven Fun Facts about me
1)I'm a Sega Fan, given my screenname. I've had it since highschool.
2)I'm also a survival horror fan, be it of any series. From Fatal Frame to Resident Evil to Silent Hill
3) I'm an anime fan though I fall far short in being an "otaku"
4) I'm the type of guy that's more at home than be out in public, but when I am...
5) I like to write stories, it's relaxing and helps get one's creativity flowing.
6) Online I treat friends as friends, I'm not interseted in having a friend collection, if your an interesting person I'd be more than honored to read your blogs and partake in the witty banter that few dullars on the internet posess!
7) Though I love to write, I don't follow the rules of proper prose creation. If your a grammar Nazi then you might want to move along, there's nothing to read here.
8) I try my best to read ALL blogs I follow on the various game sites I frequent. Even if I can't comment the least I can do is tweet about it. I haven't see a blog yet that doesn't deserve it.
9) I STILL hate Half Life.

If you have any questions or comments about anything (be it gaming tastes, blog entries, twitter or anything else that perks your curiosity) or want to meet up for a game, feel free to message me.

Please note: Given the nature of Pixlbit's follow system I'm more than happy to follow someone who honors to click my "follow" button. But please note I probably won't be able to comment to every single awesome blog posted by everyone. Thanks for understanding!

Firm Gamer in opposition to "Project $10/Online Pass" games.
(I know it's wikipedia but it's the only place I can find an updated listing)


Favorite Games:

Games that let me fully become a "Virtual Reality Sociopath" or games that fit my interests in Alternative History. I'll have a list soon once I've fully cataloged my gaming library.

Favorite Music:

Disturbed, Drowning Pool, Static-X, Sum 41, Rob Zombie, Insolence, Limp Bizkit, Crystal Method, System of a Down, Venaculas, J-Pop, J-Rock, Union Underground, Saliva, Sevendust, 311, Godsmack, Blurr, Coolio, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Frederic Chopin, Ludwing Van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, Hans Zimmer, Andrew Lloyd Webber