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Online Idiots And Annoyances

On 05/16/2017 at 07:26 PM by Phantasystar77

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 Today I would like to talk about stupid names, annoyances, and overused words in Gamertags/Netword IDs. If you play on anything like Steam, XBox Live, or PSN I'm sure you've come across some of these. I also wanted to touch on some annoyances in general. Now lets begin.

First off women who have to have the name Cat/Kat in their online name. Yes this is overused to the point of annoyance. Honestly though, this one didn't really hit me until I began watching IRL streams on Twitch recently. Yes in these past few weeks I swear i've come across at least 50 of them. I love cats and all, and maybe its your name, but please try to be a little more original.

My second overused annoyance I see constantly is people who use 666 in their online names. More then likely its some 14 year old kid who thinks its original and makes him look scary. Let me clue you in, its not original and its certainly not scary.

Moving on to #3 is the word Sniper. You like using a sniper class in first person shooters, I get it. Try to shoot to me a little more original and choose maybe medic or something. I don't think I've ever seen one of them. Then again support classes never get any respect despite keeping the team alive, so why should they get any glory?

Next up I'm sick of seeing references to how big some guy thinks he is. I bet these horned out losers thought they were going to attract some hot gamer chicks when they picked a name like 12InchStud, or LongIzMe, but in reality they probably think you're a loser.

For #5 we have any references to getting high/stoned etc. For starters I'm not against the stuff. But like before, please show some originality here.

Now I want to talk about some annoyances in general in online gaming. So, do you have a mic? If so, please don't talk unless you have something of value to say. No one wants to hear you sing, and no one wants to hear you ramble on about how much your teamates Effing suck and how you're the best ever. People have bad games, people are new so get over it, its just a game. I know losing sucks when you have bad teamates, but people need to learn somehow. If you have a game you like with a low player base then the last thing you want to do is scare potential players away. If you need to talk to them, simply be polite and give suggestions. Even if you're not using a mic, send them a message after the match trying to encourage them rather then tearing them down.

Finally if you use a headset then its probably got a mute button. Nothing to say? Mute it since people don't want to hear your heavy breathing while playing. Baby crying? Mute! Feel like blasting your music or singing out loud? Mute! Got a great sound system or like playing your TV loud and think everyone should hear it? Mute!




Matt Snee Staff Writer

05/16/2017 at 08:50 PM

ha ha "LongIzMe".  That's hilarious.  But yeah, these dudes are losers.  I haven't played online multiplayer for years now, but when i did, it was during the x360 days when playing with a mic was a new thing and every twelve year old had it and was saying the "n" word over and over.  Ah jeez. I don't miss it.  


05/17/2017 at 11:09 AM

I still play a lot of Smite so I see it all. I played one ranked match and that was it. It was filled with the most arrogant, elitist, pricks I've seen since visiting the Shoryuken forums. I never quit games but the verbal abuse by teamates was out of hand. There was no way I was sticking around to support those jerks. After I left they started sending me really rude, and vulgar messages telling me to kill myself and whatnot. I reported them, but I doubt they care.

Matt Snee Staff Writer

05/17/2017 at 11:28 AM

jeez, humanity is shit. 


05/16/2017 at 09:27 PM

The very first time I turned on the player sound in a multiplayer game, I heard some kid yelling at his brother and then the "n" word. It was like in the first two minutes. I muted it and that was it. It was just funny to me how fast that happened. 

I like all those names like XXX_SomeCommonName_XXX. It's like, I wanted that name half a million other people already had so I just added XXX to the begining and end to make it mine. 


05/17/2017 at 11:06 AM

Good call, I forgot about that one.

Nick DiMola Director

05/16/2017 at 11:15 PM

Guess I should shelve the new gamer tag I was planning on switching to, xXx_danknugsnipermcfatcock666_xXx.


05/17/2017 at 11:05 AM

Good idea :)


05/17/2017 at 06:35 PM



05/17/2017 at 12:51 PM

Haha I've encountered these folks online at one time or another, but thankfully never the guy who talks about his size. This list also used to apply to early video game message boards. 


05/17/2017 at 06:38 PM

No not talking about it, but rather including it in their online ID.


05/21/2017 at 10:10 PM

I have 666 in my PSN tag. I don't think it's big and scary, it was just available for a gamer tag that I had to have a number because 20 other idiots had registered it before me. That was 10 years ago, PSN doesn't let you change gamer tags, I have a butt ton of trophies, so there it will stay. :)

I remember readying about a guy who was banned from Xbox Live for the gamer tag "Pound Her Stank." He promised to choose a more appropriate tag if he were given another chance. Xbox Live's response was that they had given him 29 previous chances to turn a new leaf and choose a new gamer tag. :)

Matt Snee Staff Writer

05/21/2017 at 10:37 PM

You satanist!  Tongue Out

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