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BaD # 13- Hidden Gems: Kaze no Klonoa: Moonlight Museum

On 02/19/2018 at 07:14 PM by NintendoFanJon

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Having an emulator has its perks. Some of the great games you can sometimes play are those that never get released over on North American shores. One such game I managed to finally get to play is of such distinction. Not only is it a hidden gem, but it was also released on a handheld console never released in America. Today I'm talking about Kaze no Klonoa: Moonlight Museum (AKA- Klonoa of the Wind: Moonlight Museum) for the Wonderswan!

Now the Wonderswan almost made my list in Emulator Oddities, but the Wonderswan actually fared better in terms of competition to the Game Boy. Various 3rd parties were onboard with Capcom bringing Mega Man to the system and Square Enix (at the time Squaresoft) brought over various Final Fantasy games. But even with a terrific history and backstory, I felt it was a bit more well known and had actual made for it.

Now onto Klonoa: Moonlight Museum. Why is this game great? What makes this a hidden gem? Well I have to ask you just one question. Have you played it? Had I not had a Wonderswan emulator I know I would have never been able to. That and of course this being a Klonoa game. I've been a fan of Klonoa since I played the original for the PS1. I bought the sequel for PS2, the Wii-remake of the first game, I have the GBA games in Empire of Dreams and Dream Champ Tournament, and Klonoa also had a really fun beach volleyball game. I a fan of Klonoa...if Klonoa 3 were ever considered to be made or gotten a kickstarter I'd fund it and buy it, given how much I love the series.

Now onto the story. Due to being Japanese exclusive I can give you a very basic synopsis. There is an english patch available, but I'm playing the japanese rom. Klonoa and Huepow are off adventuring when they stumble upon a crying girl. Upon investigation it is soon found out that the moon has been divided up and stolen by artists from the nearby Moonlight Museum. Klonoa and Huepow head off and try to restore the moon and save the day.

If you've ever played the GBA titles of Empire of Dreams or Dream Champ Tournament, you'll come to find that Klonoa: Moonlight Museum has more of an emphasis on Puzzle based platforming. It also serves as a precursor to those titles as well in gameplay mechanics. In Moonlight Museum, you are tasked with finding 3 stars before you can exit the stage and complete the level...this was re-visited and refined for Empire of Dreams and Dream Champ Tournament. Also introduced is the collecting of crystals throughout the level in order to unlock pictures in the gallery to and to have that oh so satisfying accomplishment of 100% completion.

If Klonoa: Moonlight Museum may have a flaw it's that it may be far too...simple. The game is really pretty easy even going for the extra crystals. The lack of this being in color is especially unfortunate. I could only think of how vivid and lively the game would be with that added pop. The music is fairly limiting...not quite anything to write home about and there are zero boss fights. So after 30 or so levels you're just done beating the game. Thanks for playing! Still the game is solid. The platforming is fluid. The grab mechanics work well, the puzzles are simple and intuitive and also fairly logical. Need a boost to a higher platform with two blocks? Throw one against the wall, grab the other, hop on the block, perform a enemy jump boost and head on up. 

Klonoa: Moonlight Museum is simple, yet fun. While it's quite possibly the easiest Klonoa game in the series and there are some visual and audio hiccups, the overall game is solid and a fairly good time for a couple of hours whether you just want to play it for fun, or to experience a handheld Klonoa experience and go for 100% completion.

Overall Determination: Play it!



Super Step Contributing Writer

02/19/2018 at 07:52 PM

I think I remember the WonderSwan? Not that anyone had one, but the name. 


02/20/2018 at 12:41 PM

The Wonderswan actually seemed like a good portable system. Squaresoft supported it quite a bit with remakes of the early Final Fantasy titles. It's too bad that the WonderSwan, WonderSwan Color, and Swan Crystal never came out over here.


02/19/2018 at 10:33 PM

I like the idea of an easy platformer. These types of games should be easier at the start and build up to the difficulty. So many of them punish me right from the getgo and I don't finish them. 

Cary Woodham

02/20/2018 at 05:06 AM

Moonlight Museum is probably the only Klonoa game I haven't played.  I tried the volleyball game and didn't like it much.  If you want to play a good volleyball game, play SEGA's Beach Spikers on the GameCube.  I even imported Klonoa Heroes, a top down adventure game on GBA.  But I don't feel too bad about not playing Moonlight Museum since the other GBA Klonoa titles are practically the same thing.

Matt Snee Staff Writer

02/22/2018 at 11:06 AM

that shit ain't in American. 

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