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BaD # 16- Hidden Gems: Sin & Punishment

On 02/22/2018 at 08:27 PM by NintendoFanJon

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In this blog about hidden gems, we come across a more well known title. In fact, the game in question is playable in America. But for a long time, this game was secluded to being Japan exclusive, yet another Nintendo title with yet another Japan only game. Still without further ado, let's discuss today's hidden gem... Sin & Punishment for the N64.

Sin & Punishment is on on rails shooter co developed by Treasure and Nintendo. The story takes place in the dystopian future of... gasp! 2007! Remember in 2007 when genteically engineered monsters started attacking the country and we had worldwide famine. Thank goodness when managed to get through that rough patch! All jokes aside, the story follows Saki and Airan who shoot various monsters to save the world. The game is translated with english voice acting so you'll be able to understand it...maybe. The plot is a bit difficult to follow with plot twists, flashbacks, dream sequences, betrayals, a new Earth being created to destroy the old's anime as all hell.

The gameplay is fairly straight forward in Sin & Punishment. Point your reticule at enemies and shoot. Scrolling throughout the level is automatic, but that doesn't mean you are unable to move. In fact you can strafe left and right, roll, and jump throughout the stages. You can choose your own shotting style through the use of a lock-on or more free aim mechanic. Your gun isn't your only weapon. You also come equipped with a sword for close range hack n' slash combat. There is a score system in place, so going through the game and racking up combos gets you a higher score. In addition each stage has a timer. You can increase the timer or your hp by picking up items from defeated enemies or even crates you break open with your sword.

Sin & Punishment is very much an arcade style game for a home console and for the time, it really pushed to N64 to it's technical limits. Now Sin & Punishment has obviously aged horribly in terms of graphical style, but the game play is still as solid as it was 18 years ago with it's fast, frenetic and at times hectic gameplay.

But how is the music you ask. Well that's great as well. It's terrific. Despite only 13 tracks, you'll find yourself jamming out as you blast your way past large bosses and various other obstacles. You'll be rocking out...trudging through as you shoot your way to victory.

Sin & Punishment is available on both the Wii Shop and Nintendo Eshop on Wii U. If you haven't played this excellent game. I would highly recommend you do. Not only that... but while I'm on the subject you should also play it's sequel Sin & Punishment: Star Successor for the Nintendo Wii. It's also on the Nintendo eshop on Wii U or you might be able to find a physical copy on the cheap online through ebay or amazon.

Overall Determination: Play the original... and the Sequel!




02/22/2018 at 10:25 PM

I vividly remember seeing Star Successor on a demo station at Gamestop way back when and being wowed by the graphics. Since then I've always wanted to play it. Good to know it's on VC. 


02/23/2018 at 12:16 AM

I enjoyed both of th S&P games. I have a physical copy of Star Successor.

Cary Woodham

02/23/2018 at 12:41 AM

I'm not a big Treasure fan, but there is one Treasure game that I really like.  It's called Astro Boy: Omega Factor and it's for the GBA.  I recommend trying it when you get a chance.

Super Step Contributing Writer

02/24/2018 at 09:46 PM

Wait, it's on N64? I have an N64! I want it!

Matt Snee Staff Writer

02/25/2018 at 11:04 PM

I might have considered renting this but never really did. I love the way it looks. Really cool. 

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