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BaD #19- The Penultimate 2018 BaD!

On 02/27/2018 at 06:23 PM by NintendoFanJon

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As we sail off on this years bad I'll reminisce often about older Bad's I've done. It's been quite a undertaking participating in this every year and I always try to come up with some sort of interesting thing or maybe just something interesting in general.

When I first participated. It was fairly new for me. I gave a bunch of list style blogs. Top 10 wii games not released in the U.S., My favorite games of all time etc. It was a pretty generic set of blogs as I hadn't really taken a hold of a concept so to speak.

When the next batch of BaD came up I hit the ground running. I had a theme that could last me a lifetime. Terrible Wii Games and Wii Shovelware. It took a lot out of me in terms of enjoyment. While I had fun making fun of my endeavor the games were just so awful, that I had to take a break from gaming. Still, there were some games I might have secretly enjoyed in some masochistic way.

Last year I showed off a huge chunk of my Wii Collection. So yes, I actually did own that many games, and yes I have bought a lot of shovelware. But for some reason I couldn't help it. There was a time where I was buying 20 terrible games at like $5 a pop because they were at my local video game stores bargain bin...And boy almighty if you think you've seen or played bad games...I'd be more than happy to ship you a copy of The Island of Dr. Frankenstein to your address... I just need to know where to mail it. And don't lie and say you live in Alaska! I'll send you a bad game yet!

This year I did a bunch of themes! I had a bunch of things I have been wanting to cover or discuss in some matter or another.  I really enjoyed sharing some of the emulator oddities that I managed to get a hold of and that was not even considering the others I had.

Anyways It's been really fun doing BaD again! There's still one day left to go! I know I've been reading a lot of blogs to catch up myself even if I don't get the chance to comment on them. After this I'll probably go back to my usual ways of random blogs and posts, but as long as I enjoy writing my mindless musings I hope you enjoy reading them!




02/27/2018 at 10:22 PM

This reminds me of the ending of every SNL back in the day, and maybe still. That saxaphone really made me ache. Don't end! 

I'd like to do a bad game run sometime again. I did that when I was achievement hunting. Found some good ones in there, but some bad ones too. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

02/28/2018 at 09:34 AM

This is the first year I really have a theme, but your emulator and Wii games are always fun to hear about. 

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