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I ecsaped Pandora! Now I'm bound in Eorzea...

On 09/11/2013 at 10:30 PM by GeminiMan78

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So when I get caught up in a game there is no half steppin. The only reason I'm not playing FF14 right now is they are doing maintance. Its been kind of a weekly thing lately. And its probably a good thing, been having some minor issues with response times in really big chaotic battles. Plus this morning someone was spamming the hell out of the dialog box for some website selling gil and levels for REAL money. I hope this does not become commonplace.

So I have been playing on the japanese server Carbuncle in the evening because most of those folks are sleeping and I can get on easy. Plus this is where my main guy is. Although I intended to stay here I have noticed less english players. I think since they have freed up some space on the western servers people have migrated. But I have really enjoyed playing with the japanese folks. They are very gracious. For example I was approching somes ruins where my next mission happens and there are these zombie mages and lancers who hang around there. If one of them sees you, you will have three or four of them on you before you know whats going on. So this female conjurer was running from two of them and right into a dead end so I ran up behind them and thrashed them, in turn saving her. She bowed to me and then ran off.

Then a few days later I was doing a mission and I had bumped the difficulty on it a little too high. So I'm running away from these giant killer roses and they are shooting seeds at me. One or two more hits and I would have been done. Then this little healer dude sees me, cast cure on me and goes on with what he was doing. So I bowed to him.

But in regards to addictive game play, well its all about classes and jobs. Everything overlaps to some degree so you will end up appling to guilds you were not considering on day one. Much like in FF Tactics or FF5 in order to unlock some classes  you have to get to a certain level in another. I am working towards becoming a monk so aside from leveling my pugilist to 30 I also got to level as a lancer to at least lv15. Now the cool thing is since I was a lv 25 pugilist I will get a buff to exp when playing as a lancer. The higher your first class lv is the more of a boost you get for your second. Plus you can cross over certain skills from one class to the other. This has made both my lancer and pugilist much more powerful and flexable.

The only non combat job I had intended to take was as a leather worker. But then I discovered I can only attach materia to leather goods. So the other 50% of gear a pugilist rocks is made by weavers, so I went and joined the weaver guild. But now I'm considering also becoming a botinist. The thing is crafting skills require raw materials. Some you can buy cheap, but as you progess some are only availble through the in-game market where players sell the stuff they make and gather. Most crafters sell their wares cheap unless they are high quility or high lv. But I have found that botinists and miners sell their materials at a premium. Unlike FF games of old money does not fall out of monsters butts, its hard to earn and you will find yourself using it a lot. So to stay competeive I can supply myself with materials and make money selling my surplus. Most of my low lv leather goods are gathering dust in the market.

Then I was thinking "well if I'm leveling as a lancer I might as well try for the Dragoon job too. All I have to do is join the archers guild and lv up to 15..." Gods, forget "Evercrack" this game is going to eat me alive!

Well thanks for reading, till next time. I'm outy...fine.Laughing





09/12/2013 at 04:03 PM

Oh man, I want to dive into this so hard. No moneys right now, tho. =(


09/12/2013 at 04:27 PM

Its all good ,they are still working some bugs out right now anyway. Hope you get in eventually, I need some peeps for my crew!Laughing


09/12/2013 at 04:37 PM

I love this game right now...


09/13/2013 at 12:33 AM

It really is a blast, but man there is a lot to do and to figure out. Plus I got and Arcanist I'm using in Ceroul when I can't get into Carbuncle. I'm burning the candle at both ends.

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