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About Me:

I am your typical gamer, who has been gaming since the era of "mainstream" gaming with super mario bros and the original zelda, back in the 1980's. I have been a gamer for 20 years, and my love and preception of games has ever been growing and changing. I hope with my contributions here at Pixlbit I am able to share my views and perhaps prompt some excellent discussions! Oh and I love long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain, and droping tactical nukes in MW2! Please feel free to drop me a line if you like somthing I've posted, or disagree and would like to discuss your views with me

Its obviously been sort of hard as a 1up refugee, seeing my beloved site and community finally go slowly into the sunset. Almost like watching a death, and while I understand what is going on, I believe what is gone simply makes way for something just as interesting!

Raptr Gamercard

Favorite Games:

Legend of Zelda, Halo, Fable, Gears of War, Final Fantasy, Killzone, Dragon's Dogma

Favorite Music: