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BaD Wii Review# 18- Wacky Races: Crash & Dash

On 02/18/2015 at 06:07 PM by NintendoFanJon

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Linked to Article Series: Blog a Day (BaD) 2015

You know when I was a kid I got the joys of awesome cartoons. And some of those cartoons were cartoons that were older. You see before Boomerang became a pay to watch could watch cartoons from classic Hanna Barbera free on basic cable Cartoon know the old Cartoon Network...before it got shitty. Anyways today I review a game that fails to do a classic series Wacky Races: Crash & Dash

Now before I get into Crash & Dash, let's take a second back to the past when the Dreamcast was around. Now this was an awesome game. It was fun. I had an awesome time with it. Sure it was hard getting Muttley coins and the extra challenges made me want to tear my hair out, but back then I had cheat codes and unlocked Dick Dastradly to destroy my opponents! Now let's take a look at that game.

Cel shaded graphics, the voice acting is pretty fun, the powers are cool to use, All in all it was a damn good racing game. There was even a Wacky Races on the PS2! Let's look at that.

Same  cel shaded style, probably just as fun I'd imagine...But I didn't play that. Now let's take a gander at the Wii game shall we?

One of these things is not like the other thing. One of these things just doesn't belong. If you can guess which thing is not like other thing...then you would guess Crash & Dash is that game!!!

So now I ask why. Why would you make a side scrolling racer? Yes I'm aware that this is also a DS title, but it's not like they can't do something that's I don't know...3 DIMENSIONAL?

The game features three modes- Crazy Circuit, Wacky Race and Trap Challenge, with the main focus of the game being Crazy Circuit. In this mode, you choose one of six courses, each of which features four tracks. Like Mario Kart, you compete on a series of tracks, earning points based on finishing order. Highest points at the end wins.

But here is where this game gets frustrating. As you race around the track, staying on the screen, leading the pack, or using power-ups will fill your Mad Dash meter and net you Mad Dash cogs. These are important because at the end of the race, all of the cars will come together for a wild sprint to the finish, where the winner is determined by the number of cogs in their possession. If you gained the number of cogs necessary  then you will win easily; if you fell short of the quota, then you'll either win by just a hair or lose to the other racers. Basically, the entire race is decided by a five-second free-for-all at the end, making the whole experience feel cheap and pointless.

You'll  also be attacked by Dick Dastardly and his sidekick, Muttley. These events consist of quick minigames that run from simple, complicated, or entirely impossible. These challenges completely ruin the flow of the game, interrupting you in the middle of the race to make you complete a boring and dumb task, Also there are only eight challenges in total so, you'll be repeating the same minigames over and over and over again.

The gameplay is exceptionally flawed and the visuals don't fare much better. The camera system is awful. Somehow, the camera manages to pull out far enough that all 10 racers are on the screen at once and yet stays close enough that you can almost never see the road ahead of you or pick out your vehicle when in a crowd of other racers.

The controls continue this theme of awfulness, as they do their best to mess up every step of the way. There is no gas or brake, so approaching a corner consists of turning your analog stick from one direction to another. Unfortunately, if you happen to make a turn too loose or too tight, there's no way to correct it; you just fall off into a canyon or some other area void. Also, a lot of the power-ups require you to shake the Wiimote relentlessly (as do the Mad Dashes to the finish line), giving you a sore wrist.

There is a redeeming aspect of Crash & Dash. The soundtrack is great. Even the actors are pretty good. The announcer especially stands out and gives me that ever familiar feeling of watching the old cartoon, even if he does tend to repeat himself.

Review: Wacky Races crashes more than it dashes.

Alright so what game is up next?





02/18/2015 at 06:55 PM

Yep, The Wacky Races game for DC was a favourite but it was no walk in the park.

The best version of that Alone in the Dark game was on PS3 but even it was a bit of a mess. I heard the Wii version was just awful.


02/22/2015 at 01:38 PM

Oh it is. I loved the DC gae even though it was hard. And yes Alone in the Dark was terrible.

Super Step Contributing Writer

02/18/2015 at 08:00 PM

While you were talking about those PS2/DC games, I was thinking of a cel-shaded game for Gamecube called Cel Damage. Never played it, but it looked fun.


02/22/2015 at 01:39 PM

There were lot's of great cel shaded games!

Cary Woodham

02/18/2015 at 09:08 PM

Wacky Races is one of my favorite HB cartoons.  I had the Dreamcast game.  I had a problem with the other racers, though.  They would all bunch up together so you were either in first or last place.  And the rubber-banding AI made sure you were always last.  I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who used cheat codes to unlock all the other racers.  It was funny when you would win as Dick Dastardly.  The announcer would say, "Dick Dastardly...won?!?"

I never even heard of the Wii game.  Guess it's probably good that I didn't.  But yeah, I loved the cartoon as a kid.  I think it's neat how they made two spinoffs.  Wacky Races was poking fun of movies like The Great Race, while The Perils of Penelope Pitstop was making fun of The Perils of Pauline and Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines (Stop the Pidgeon) was making fun of Those Amazing Young Men in Their Flying Machines.

Wacky Races was surprisingly popular in Japan.  They even had a Wacky Races game on the NES.  It was a 2-D platformer starring Muttley and the other racers were the bosses.  That game made it to the US NES as well.  I wish I had it.

One year at an anime convention I got to meet Don Messick.  He did a lot of voices for Hanna Barbera classics.  He was the voice of Scooby and Scrappy, Papa Smurf, Boo-Boo, and many more.  One of his last voices was Hampton Pig from Tiny Toons.  He was also the voice of Muttley (as well as many other Wacky Racers).  When I asked him to do Muttley's laugh, he said he could do it much better when he used to smoke!  I'm glad I got to meet Don Messick before he passed away.

My favorite Wacky Racer is Prof. Pat Pending in his Convert-A-Car (#3).  Also voice by Don Messick.  Who is your favorite racer?

Anyway, I told you I'd have a lot to say about Wacky Races.  I could say much more, but I'll leave it at that.

PS: Mario Kart owes everything to Wacky Races.


02/22/2015 at 01:43 PM

That is cool you got to meet Don Messick. I think my favorite racer was the Ant Hill Mob in the Bulletproof Bomb.


02/18/2015 at 10:10 PM

"you know the old Cartoon Network...before it got shitty" You've never seen Adventure Time, Regular Show or Young Justice, have you? Of course, modern cartoon network has some problems, but atleast they've stopped with the live-action.

Anyway, very much looks like it was dumbed down. I don't know why they did that as I think it could have been done on 3D, even if it would mean having downgraded graphics.


02/22/2015 at 01:45 PM

Young justice got canceled and replaced by Teen Titans Go! which is an unfortunate spin off from a much better show. I think that Cartoon Network is taking steps by bringing back Toonami and such, but ultimately the good times are behind them.


02/22/2015 at 03:43 PM

Like I said, Cartoon Network is far from its golden age, but hey, it could be worse.

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