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PixlBit Has a Discord Server

Posted on 06/15/2018 at 02:01 PM | Filed Under News

I'd be down to join. I'll have to do that tonight.

Maniac Mansion

Posted on 03/28/2018 at 07:03 PM | Filed Under Blogs

In regards to Maniac have the Commodore 64, Amiga, and NES versions via my emulators on my Xbox. I gave them a whirl after reading this. I've been far too pre-occupied playing Snake Pass on the Switch lately and needed something else lol.

Tales and more Tales

Posted on 03/20/2018 at 03:35 AM | Filed Under Blogs

I have really enjoyed the Tales series after getting into it with Symphonia on the Gamecube. I've played that and it's sequel Dawn of the New World. Then when it switched over to the PS3 I played all those such as Xillia 1 & 2, Graces F, and Zestiria. I also got to play Phantasia for the GBA. I've been a bit of a Tales nut since then and fell in love with the series. I'm hoping the Switch gets a Tales game. That'd be pretty sweet.

The Arenas of Kirby Battle Royale

Posted on 03/20/2018 at 03:26 AM | Filed Under Blogs

I got Star Allies and beat it already. I'm working on 100% right now. Star Allies was pretty fun, I wish it wasn't so short. It's also one of the easiest Kirby games I've played next to the original and Epic Yarn. I think I maybe died once from inadvertently falling into a pit. I had more trouble with Rainbow Curse for Wii U but that's mostly due to the touch screen controls. As such I'm siting at only like 85% completion just because of the controls with the challenges being the only thing I have to do and gold medal.

Nintendo Direct! Are You Not Entertained??

Posted on 03/12/2018 at 03:13 AM | Filed Under Blogs

I was a bit mixed and split on everything as a whole. Octopath Traveller is a day one buy for me (Special Edition Baby!). I loved the demo and I'm looking for another RPG after finishing the main campaign of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and waiting for the rest of the season pass to come out. The switch is certainly getting plenty of rpgs and that's a good thing, because it keeps me occupied. Travis Strikes Again looks pretty sweet and that's all I need. Looks like it'll be fun. Crash is a plesant surprise to see it land on a Nintendo system as is South Park. I hadn't expected that. Nintendo is really going for an all out approach with both casual and more young adult games.

The bad is the ports. I do love Okami and it is HD...I'm hoping it's $20 or lower like it is everywhere else or I might skip out until then. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is disappointing. At this point they might as well port the entire Wii U library and have some sort of Wii U apology buyback program because at this point what's even left that's exclusive to the system? I'm also salty about Hyrule Warriors....I spent $80 for that it's cheaper with everything on it.

Also $3 for buying digital vs physical is a crap reward system. The system is already lacking in memory for games if you want to buy a bunch like myself. I'm also into the sleek and small cases as well as the fact that physical is still my preferred method of buying games. Call me old fashioned, but I like to keep the games I play on the off chance I want to revisit them.

I'm on the fence on some other titles. I'm not up on Undertale lore so I'm not sure what's so special about it. Dark Souls would probably anger me and I don't want to hate more games than I already do. Mario Tennis Aces looks fun, but after Ultra Smash for Wii U I'm hesitant. I'm hoping it's better and brings me back to the super fun Mario Power Tennis days of the N64 and Gamecube.

Still Smash is exciting news. Maybe all these reveals will mean something. Perhaps Crash in Smash. Bomberman, Rayman, etc. Let the rampant speculation commence!

BaD 2006-2008

Posted on 02/19/2018 at 07:35 PM | Filed Under Blogs

Theres a lot of great Wii exclusives out there. Stuff like MadWorld, Zack & Wiki, No More Heroes 2. The Wii is great. Just don't ask me about all the shovelware and bad games I bought for it. I don't want to talk about that... *cries in a corner

BaD # 12- Just a Short Blog

Posted on 02/19/2018 at 07:31 PM | Filed Under Blogs

Thanks! Smile

BaD # 12- Just a Short Blog

Posted on 02/19/2018 at 07:30 PM | Filed Under Blogs

I actually managed to lower it by about a minute. I at like 52 something now...I want to try and get 50!

BaD # 11- Wii U Wares & Switch Stuff!

Posted on 02/19/2018 at 07:29 PM | Filed Under Blogs

Yeah I'm definitely curious to try it out. Golf Story was pleasantly surprising so I hope Owlboy is too!

BaD # 11- Wii U Wares & Switch Stuff!

Posted on 02/19/2018 at 07:28 PM | Filed Under Blogs

Keep it a secret! We wouldn't want anyone to know! lol

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