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Epic Mickey Banners 2: Judgment Day

Today we went back and captured the other four Epic Mickey Banners. What do they contain?

Well, I'm going to say I think I made a little mistake yesterday when I reviewed half of the banners in the E3 hallway yesterday. Why? Because today, I snapped this pic:


The tall, castle like structure I suggested could be Cinderella's Castle is not Cinderella's Castle. The image above, though, almost definitely is.

In the middle of the same banner, there's a giant tree. Instantly, in my mind, I think of Disney's Animal Kingdom, but seeing as how the references have been almost exclusively Magic Kingdom or Disneyland based, I can't honestly say I have any idea what the tree could be. If you do, sign up and leave a comment, please!


On the right side of the banner, we see the church with stained-glass windows that's been prevalent in so much of Epic Mickey's artwork. Unfortunately, Again, this is a place unrecognizable through any theme park or Disney attraction that I can bring to mind.


Following this, we've got another building that could be something like City Hall from Main Street, USA, but could also be a classic, large saloon from Frontier Land. With so little detail in the artwork, I can't distinguish which could be which.


This image, from the same banner, has another large, prominent building, but actually includes a Pirate Ship, oddly enough. To me, it doesn't fit the Magic Kingdom, at least, since Pirates of the Caribbean is in Adventure Land, and there's aren't distinguished buildings in the area. Can any readers who've visited Disneyland let us know where the attraction is in that park?


This is, again from the same banner as the two before it, features cliffs and waterfalls. Again, it's something I'm less familiar with. It's also possible the entire banner is a reference to the towns and areas of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and not the whole "land" itself.


The third banner clearly features the graveyard from the Haunted Mansion, and is immediately recognizable. There's not much to say about it.


I saved my favorite for last, and unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a full picture of the entire banner. What you can't see, if I can recall, is a clock tower on the left side, much like what's in Peter Pan. What you can see are tea cups. Anyone remember a Disney ride with giant tea cups?


Are there any other ideas? Does anyone believe I'm misinterpreting the Disneyland theme I think the game has? Anyone agree? At this point, you know what I know, but when I find out more tomorrow, I'll let you know.



Matt R Staff Alumnus

06/14/2010 at 08:13 PM

I hope the game lives up the artwork, it looks like even obscure and inanimate stuff is getting brought to life.

Have you considered that the Mickey ears outline resembles a pelvic girdle? This hidden anatomical reference no doubt hints at tons of motion plus possibilities.

PS you forgot to finish the last sentence

Jason Ross Senior Editor

06/14/2010 at 08:46 PM

Thanks, Zap. You could be right.

PS. The sentence is fixed now. I'm glad you pointed it out.


06/15/2010 at 09:08 AM

It's really tough to say which castle that is. It's too tall to be Sleeping Beauty, and the turrets are the wrong shape to be Cinderella. It actually looks the most like Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant which is the castle in Disneyland Paris. Quite possibly it's meant to be a mash-up of all the current castles.

The red photo that you say could possibly be Town Hall, if you look to the far right of the building with the columns, you can see the round greenhouse that's to be found on the right side of the Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion. So that image could possibly be a mash-up of both Mansions. It's a little unclear from that one if the round greenhouse is attached to that building or not. I can't really tell. The next photo with the ship in the background, but still red, that actually looks like a mash-up of Disneyland Mansion and Phantom Manor, the Mansion of Disneyland Paris. Disneyland Mansion has the columns, but Phantom Manor has the Victorian style with the tower. The pirate ship and Mansion appearing together makes sense because in Disneyland they are in the same land, which is New Orleans Square.

I love the last image with the tea cups! Most especially cause you can see Oswald to the right, and then Mickey running off to left, over by the clock tower and the infamous It's A Small World.

Fantastic photos. I am so excited for this game!!!

Sam Wakefield Staff Alumnus

06/15/2010 at 02:58 PM

I have to thank you for the awesome photos. The Epic Mickey news today was promising but these posters, without a doubt, are really gorgeous.

Jason Ross Senior Editor

06/15/2010 at 10:32 PM

There are pieces of art being created on the show room floor, believe it or not. I might try to pick up some of the show tomorrow or Thursday, time permitting.

Also notable, Into the Pixel, an art show in the convention center had a great piece from Epic Mickey worth checking out. Chris is going to work on getting something up sometime tonight, but there's so much to post it's hard to say when we'll get to it.

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