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Backloggers Anonymous Enslaved Part 2

No longer enslaved to Enslaved!

Final thoughts: Pigsy is a pig, Monkey is kinda like a monkey, and Trip is... kinda hot. What, you want to know more? Well listen to the 'cast!

The play button is over there ----->

What I did want to do is let you know about an upcoming poll we'll be hosting here where you, the listeners will be determining what games we play next. I've posted a blog about it, and quite a few of you have already sounded off on what games you'd like us to play. We have plenty to choose from, but the nominations aren't closed yet! If there's a game you'd like us to play, be it current gen or retro, let me know either there or in the comments below and, if it's possible for us to play it, I'll put it in the upcoming poll.

Contributers for this cast: Angelo @pixlaj, JD @AMythKnownAsJD, and Julian @Julian_Titus




08/07/2013 at 06:14 PM Reply | Permalink | Report

I loved Enslaved. It was one of those games that I wish was about 3 hours longer because I wasn't ready to leave that world.

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