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[Game System Name] Is Like A [Insert Body Part Here]: A Fun(?) Negative Rant

Oh, the negativity...

Do me a favor, will you?

Read IGN’s Dead Space 2 review, then read the rebuttal from a fan website that goes out of its way to call out this type of crap. This is the gaming media version of “Ass Talking”. While NGP vagina comments are like a pimple, gaming media incompetence is the festering pimple just about ready to pop so it can eject all that pus on your bathroom mirror (the pus being ‘insulting video game reviews’ and the bathroom mirror being you, the reader).

First, let’s just clarify something before we continue. I respect opinions of other reviewers and websites, even if I sometimes find them ass-backwards (oh look another ass reference!) and wonder if the main editors were drunk before publishing them. It’s not just limited to websites; gaming magazines have done their fair share of making me say “What the frack are you moaning about? Does this have anything to do with the game or are you pulling straws for attention, damn it!?”

Greg Miller’s review of Dead Space 2 felt like I was reading a report paper from an elementary school kid. Here is a man being paid to write reviews, articles and news stories for a multimedia website, but somehow manages to single-handedly insult the intelligence of his own readers and make himself look like a complete idiot in the process. But IGN as a whole has inspired this charming little saying: “You can’t spell ignorant without IGN.”

I don’t even know if this is ignorance or just a plain lack of foresight between the writers and editors. It has not been the first time that IGN has been called out multiple times for this sort of thing, or any other media outlet for that matter. Remember Wii Music? IGN Wii just had this unyielding hate for a game that probably didn’t deserve as much as it got. They even had the nuts to proclaim they failed in making Wii Music a retail failure. Remember that memorable Gamespot fiasco where a writer got fired because he refused to give Kane & Lynch a good score (for valid reasons) because the publisher wanted a good review for the game? Oh crap, now I brought a part of Part #1 in here.

No, this game was not as terrible as IGN thought.

Sites like Gamers Derserve Better were made for a reason, and if my ranting about gaming media is any indication, they are going to be around for a long time. There is, sadly, nothing we can do to really change things. Even as I’m writing this, bad habits will not change. Money talks, and good games will always be at the mercy of hired game reviewer who is paid to review said game. While sites like ours are not owned and funded by giant media companies, smaller game websites like us won’t stoop to bullshitting our opinions - fanboys and fangirls be damned.

Oh who am I kidding? Come the day after this is posted, I will be accused of bullshitting everything I made in this two part editorial. It’s not my fault I enjoy giving negativity to things that (I think) deserve it.

A huge special thanks to and Bill Aurion for David Jaffe’s quote. If you are interested in further readings, visit Gamers Deserve Better at for some more… enlightening observations.

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Jason Ross Senior Editor

03/02/2011 at 04:41 PM

I like this. Nice job, Matt. You could have left "Organically" as "Organically," though. Organic in his sense didn't refer to a living body, but rather that things flowed well together in creation of a game. Mechanically makes the change sound a bit rougher, as if soeone is forced to construct the change.

Anyway, I've got my own opinion of what actually happened with that IGN reviewer. A lot of people forget that the video review that was pulled/modified was altered because both Gerstmann and IGN said Gerstmann was late to record the thing. That, and the fact that Gerstmann never outright stated the reason he was fired suggests it isn't the most obvious reason. In my imagination, I see Gerstmann's firing as a matter of unfortunate timing. GameSpot likely was firing him for subpar work or a lack of punctuality, and their legal or human resources department likely didn't allow GS to publicly state the reason for Gerstmann's dismissal. My guess is Gerstmann used GameSpot's predicament to garner 15 minutes of fame and try to leech some business away from the place. After all, if a large company just fired you, and you were given a chance to start up a direct competitor, I would imagine you wouldn't clear your former company's name, especially if it meant coming clean about embarrassing work ethic.

I have to say the news about Unreal Engine 3 is disturbing to me. At this point, students everywhere can develop on the effective engine for free, learning the ins-and-outs for later development on their platform. The 3DS (and Wii, for that matter,) could almost certainly run some form of the engine from everything I understand, but the company seems to have some sort of extra-large grudge against Nintendo. A grudge large enough to keep a corporation from making money must be a large grudge, indeed.


03/03/2011 at 06:59 AM

Pretty good read Matt. The type of comments that David Jaffe made are really at the center of why games are really not given the respect it could deserve. If developers are making these type of comments then they are essentialy digging their own graves.

On the topic of IGN as a whole I really haven't visited the site in a long time for various reasons that I have mentioned on another forum so not really sure how much they have improved if at all so I will say this.

I know that these people are talking about video games but you would expect a certain amount of profesionalism and vocabulary when talking about games and in reviews.

Matt McLennan Staff Alumnus

03/03/2011 at 11:23 AM

@ Maxi: I think I know which website forum you are talking about, I haven't been there in a while.

I only visit IGN (or any officaly media website for that matter) for screenshots and news stories. I couldn't be bothered to read their actual reviews anymore since they pretain to complimenting a good game then bitching about one thing for the rest of it. (oh y halo thr New Super Mario Bros. wii and WiFi)


03/03/2011 at 10:22 PM

Wow, linking to Pietriots? The only website on the internet worse than this one. They're all a bunch of trolls over there.


03/03/2011 at 10:43 PM

Yeah, seriously. I mean I'm sorry to double comment but I need to say again that they're a bunch of trolls at Pietriots.

It makes me want to put my chicken down, put my clothes back on, and go outside.


03/03/2011 at 10:47 PM

I see what I did there

Matt McLennan Staff Alumnus

03/04/2011 at 01:14 AM

Thank you for proving the last paragraph in my second page still holds some weight. I can link whoever the hell I want, it's where I originally got the quote from. And Bill Aurion is an awesome guy. Trolling is always good for a laugh.

And you are making me laugh. Congrats!

And three comments when one would suffice? I didn't know our comments page was 4chan.


03/04/2011 at 04:05 AM

There's a SECOND page? Good gravy!

It took me twenty minutes just to read the first one. It's the same reason I couldn't get through Super Paper Mario.

As for Pietriots, just the name is enough to piss me off. What the hell is a Pietriot? It makes no sense!

And I'm sorry, but it's not like I can edit my comments. If I have something important to say, I'm going to say it.

Nick DiMola Director

03/04/2011 at 06:39 AM

Well, you do troll the site consistently enough that it's probably worth making an account. At that point, you can edit your comments all you want!

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