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A New Handheld War Begins

Switch vs. Smach


The Nintendo Switch as of now has five different control styles shown. The first is on the Joycon, where the sides can be detached for use. The sides can be put onto the tablet for gaming on-the-go or removed if the player wishes to place the Switch down while out-and-about. The controller attachments let the player have one in each hand for single player games or turn the controller to the side for multiplayer games. There is also a Pro Controller which is a more traditional gamepad. 

The detachable controllers each offer an analog stick, four face buttons, two smaller buttons (presumably for pausing and menus), and two shoulder buttons. When used as a conventional controller, the left side has its buttons used as a D-Pad. While the control options may seem overwhelming, the setup looks surprisingly accessible focusing on many ways to use the side controllers and an option for a regular controller.

The Smach Z meanwhile resembles the Steam Controller instead. It offers two touch pads, an analog stick, four face buttons, four shoulder buttons, and two extra buttons on the back side of the system. The Smach Z also features a touch screen, and gyro controls. Like the Switch, however, it does allow you to customize your controls, albeit in a different way.

The handheld will offer several attachments for the touch pad, including a D-Pad, analog stick, and buttons modeled after different consoles such as the Nintendo 64 or GameCube. This allows for a more flexible control setup for different games on the console, especially for 2D games and other games not requiring camera control.

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