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Rumor: Dead Space FPS Coming Soon?

EA seeks to expand a brand by possibly diluting the product.

EA has been really trying to turn Visceral Games’ Dead Space franchise into a major brand.  In addition to the fantastic sequel that was released earlier this year, the Dead Space name has been popping up on comic books, animated films, a novelization and the franchise spin-off on-rails shooter Dead Space: Extraction for the Wii and PlayStation 3.  But if a source cited by Kotaku is to be believed, EA is gearing up for some major expansion of the survival horror franchise.

According to the source, EA is working on a Dead Space first-person-shooter, which would be news in its own right, but that’s hardly all.  In addition to the FPS there are said to be plans to make a Dead Space flight simulation game and an Uncharted-esque action-adventure title as well.  That’s three new games that are outside of the mold of what make Dead Space games, well, Dead Space games.

Why would EA be so keen to possibly dilute the Dead Space property?  According to the source it all comes down to dollars and cents.  While the Dead Space games have sold well (the first game alone sold over 2 million copies) they haven’t sold as well as Sony’s Uncharted games.

No new information was provided concerning the as of now unconfirmed Dead Space 3 which was first reported by PixlBit back in October.



Our Take

Julian Titus Senior Editor

11/30/2011 at 11:18 AM

A Dead Space FPS could be awesome, if they go the Condemned route. Extraction managed to pull off some good scares, even though it was on rails.

Spinning it off into those other genres doesn't make sense, especially if their reason is "we want to make Uncharted". If you want to do that, make a new IP that fits.


11/30/2011 at 03:24 PM

I also think a FPS Dead Space could be awesome. I think the problem people have with it is that they would expect it to be exactly like the 3rd person games, and it's not suppose to be, that's the whole point of experimenting. It's suppose to be different, but if you make it different, fun, and retain the atmosphere and pace of the 3rd person games it should be fine. You just have to sit down for a while and figure out what's fun about Dead Space 3rd person games, why the scares work, why the encounters are fun, how the levels are designed to give you the pacing and encounters you're custom to, and figure out fun ways to translate it to a 1st person view. If you come up with fun mechanics, exploration, encounters, and levels, it'll all be alright and coming up with those things are what we would get paid to do so I don't see it as quite as huge of a hurdle as some might see. On the most basic gameplay level Dead Space consists of simple exploration, observation, aiming around, and when enemies show up you shoot them. You can do that in 3rd or 1st person.

Think about it like this. If we were talking about a FPS game like Condemned and said we wanted to experiment and make the game into a fun 3rd person game, we could imagine people saying, "I don't see how that could work, Condemned is 1st person, it's just weird I don't know if it would be fun or feel right if we changed the perspective. How could it still be intense, atmospheric, and fun if we change to 3rd person?" Well if were working at Condemned and changing it to 3rd person, all we have to do is look to Dead Space for proof that 3rd person action horror games can be great. If the roles are switched, you could look at Condemned and see the proof that 1st person action horror games can be great. Therefore with some creativity you could definitely take Dead Space and make it an FPS. People just aren't custom to it, don't know what to expect, and don't have the vision to see the possible final product.

A more perfect example is the directors cut edition for the game Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly. Fatal Frame was originally a 3rd person game but when they came out with the directors cut edition of Crimson Butterfly they added a whole new optional 1st person mode and I've been playing the game in 1st person ever since and it doesn't detract from the game at it. It's a lot of fun and doesn't make it "not a Fatal Frame game".

When it comes to the whole Uncharted influence and action adventure gameplay route, in general I don't think it's a good idea atmosphere-wise for an entire Dead Space game, it would disrupt the pace people have enjoyed in the first 2 games. The only Uncharted influenced gameplay I could see working would be evasion and escape sequences, and the interactive cut-scene mechanic. Imagine scrambling your way across crumbling terrain down on an infected planet like Aegis 7 was in Dead Space 1. After landing on the planet and wreaking havoc on the necromorphs, The Hive Mind is mobilizing and shifting its body underneath the crust of the planet so certain areas of itself can surface to combat you with tentacles and other parts of its body and mechanisms we could come up with. It throws pieces of earth at you, transports necromorphs to you, and maybe there's parts of its body that have concentrated synapses or nerve centers and have the ability to distort your reality. You see hallucinations, false threats and enemies masking the real ones, horrifying scenes, blood filling canyons, fields of dead bodies, images of your family, all attempts by the Hive Mind to get Issac to loose focus. You can see huge pieces of the Hive Mind breaking up to the surface in the distance like giant Titans of Greek mythology. Artistically I can see it in my head and it's fucking epic and achievable in every way, you could literally put people into awe just like they would in an Uncharted game.

There's certainly some cutscenes or sequences that could be awesome, but I wouldn't want to make an entire game out of that. Especially a Dead Space game, it just doesn't feel right to a make a giant Dead Space interactive sequence. The fun of Dead Space is having complete control of Issac, moving slowly and suspiciously around atmospheric levels, and being able to enjoy the 30 seconds of fun when you spawn an encounter in a space, enemies show up and you need to dismember them or find the right strategy to kill them. You can do that in either 3rd or 1st person and it would be fun I think, but what you probably can't do is accomplish all of that with an entire Uncharted influenced action adventure game.

Uncharted games play out like movies and if anything you could make a Dead Space movie or anime that's Uncharted influenced.

Julian Titus Senior Editor

11/30/2011 at 04:23 PM

Yeah, my issue with making an adventure game in the Dead Space universe is a matter of manuverability. Nathan Drake runs fast and climbs like a pro, but a big part of DS is the suit. By its very nature, that suit is heavy, and you move at a deliberate pace. Taking the suit away removes a vital part of the series, but making it super lightweight would completely alter the flow of the game.

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