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Announcing PixlCross from PixlBit Studios

Nick and Chessa made a game and it's gone gold! Also, Steam Greenlight - vote yes (please)!

As some of you may know, Chessa and I have been working on a game for roughly the past year. We became official Wii U developers around September of last year and began the true development cycle of our first game, PixlCross. We've come a long way and as of last week, we officially submitted the game to Nintendo's certification process, Lotcheck!

We're not sure how long that process is going to take, but it should be coming out within a month or so on the eShop for all of you Wii U owners out there. We've also begun the next leg of our journey, which is getting a PC/Mac/Linux release together and (hopefully) releasing on Steam via Steam Greenlight. We'd very much appreciate your vote if you think it looks like something you'd enjoy. And if you think it's really great, please, tell your friends too!

Below you'll find a trailer for the game that goes through all of its major features and highlights some of the stuff we built that we're proud of. Let us know what you think and if you have any questions/comments, we'd love to talk more about it. Thanks everyone!



Cary Woodham

08/25/2015 at 09:23 PM

That's so exciting!  I know I said this before, but I really want to review this for when it comes out on Wii U!

Jason Ross Senior Editor

08/25/2015 at 09:52 PM

Day 1 purchase on Wii U. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

08/27/2015 at 08:39 AM

Hope it comes to Steam, I'll play it! Going to vote now.

Who did the music?

Nick DiMola Director

08/27/2015 at 10:06 AM

Kevin Macleod - We basically went through his archives and found stuff that we thought fit. It's all free, requiring only attribution.

Thanks for the vote, and the Tweet! Hoping we make it on there as well.

Matt Snee Staff Writer

08/29/2015 at 11:34 AM

people who make stuff rule.  good job, Nick!


09/12/2015 at 02:39 PM

Already gave it an aproval over Greenlight about a month ago. Good luck with it guys.


10/05/2015 at 02:09 AM

I've noticed quite a few peepz on pixlbit are getting into actual game design. Warms my  heart!


05/12/2016 at 05:23 PM

Congratulations on the game Nick. ~Sam Hawkins

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