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Sega Genesis Classics Review

It's a tubular collection, dude.

Sega has done a lot of great things with emulation as of late. On the 3DS, they released 3D remasters of a handful of games, which boasted a handful of improvements to the source material. Their Sega Ages line marks another batch of games that are seeing improvements to the original games as they release on the Switch. However, Sega Genesis Classics is more of a compilation of classic Genesis games with some additional features that make it a great collection to have on your Switch if you grew up with these old games.

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 20: Ten

Play it loud!

It's time again for Nerds Without Pants! This week, JD joins us for a very special look at growing up in the '90s, and all the great games we experienced back then. So lace up your army boots, tie a flannel around your waist, and chug some Crystal Pepsi folks, because this episode of NWP is full of attitude and is so effing XTREME!

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Avernum: Escape the Pit Review

Bear witness to my journal of failure!

Avernum: Escape the Pit is in love with the '90s. In fact, it’s so in love with the '90s that every copy of the game should come with a flannel shirt, a can of Crystal Pepsi, and Nevermind on CD. Spiderweb Software has created a new game that feels old, not unlike what Capcom did with Mega Man 9 and 10. To gamers that cut their teeth on games like Ultima and Baldur’s Gate this is fantastic news, as games like this simply don’t get made very often anymore. For gamers such as me who were weaned on consoles and people under the age of 30, this game is a total head scratcher.

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