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#Disney World

Nerds Without Pants Episode 53: NWP's Summer Vacation

It's a small world, after all...

We’re a couple days late, but it’s never truly too late to enjoy a new episode of Nerds Without Pants. This week, Angelo and Julian are recovering from vacation, Patrick convinces a non-gamer friend why games are cool, Disney world is awesome, and more!

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Epic Mickey Banners 2: Judgment Day

Today we went back and captured the other four Epic Mickey Banners. What do they contain?

Well, I'm going to say I think I made a little mistake yesterday when I reviewed half of the banners in the E3 hallway yesterday. Why? Because today, I snapped this pic:

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What Do The Epic Mickey Banners Mean?

Epic Mickey's concept artwork has lead to quite a bit of speculation. What's my take?

There's one particular picture I'd like to make the heart of my idea, one taken from the banner artwork of Epic Mickey at E3. Take a look for yourself, and you'll see why:

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So I heard...

Oh no!

On a recent trip to Epcot, a video detailing a new ride, The Sum of All Thrills, caught my eye. In the video, I noticed a few Nintendo-related Easter Eggs, and while I wasn't able to snap a quick picture of either of them, I did manage to hunt down two fuzzy shots thanks to our wonderful internet.

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