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#Lightning Returns

Nerds Without Pants Episode 40: Irrational Pinball Fantasies

This episode is mantastic!

A wild bonus Nerds Without Pants appears! Command?

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: Retro-spective Trailer

Square Enix recaps the Final Fantasy XIII saga with 16-bit graphics.

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Dragon's Crown, Lightning Returns, and Becoming the Thing We Hate

I bet this discussion could actually go somewhere if we'd all just stop acting like children.

There's been a lot of controversy just about everywhere these days regarding how women are portrayed in video games. Frankly, I'm glad to see it. Controversy has a way of exposing us to new perspectives and fresh opinions in a way few other things can. It's given many women a platform to discuss how things like this make them feel sexualized, marginalized, and mistreated. It's also given others the chance to promote the radical idea that perhaps the size of a woman's bust shouldn't dictate how we perceive them; that big boobs don't necessarily mean a shallow character with a tiny brain. It's also indirectly fed Jenn Frank's idea (which has since garnered international attention) for a BoobJam: A call for the creative souls among us whose coding Kung Fu is strong, to create games about boobs, with the caveat that the content show breasts from a more practical or biological angle as opposed to the typical straight male gaze, or sexually gratifying perspective.

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