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#Super Famicom

Final Fantasy VI Review Rewind

Heroes of Might and Magicite

As a late bloomer to RPGs, I was mostly ignorant of the Final Fantasy series until 1997, when that commercial for Final Fantasy VII caught my attention in all its epic CG glory. But it would be another two years before I finally saw a demo of the game in action, which sparked my love for RPGs. The point is that I missed out on Final Fantasy VI (originally titled Final Fantasy III in the US) when it was released in 1994. Fortunately, the Super NES Classic Edition's release several years back allowed the opportunity to play Square’s magnum opus of the 16-bit series. And boy, was it worth the wait.

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Final Fantasy V Review Rewind

Hold on to your Butz.

There are several similarities between Final Fantasy V and its younger sibling, Final Fantasy III. Chiefly of which, both games stayed exclusively in Japan well after the series moved on to the PlayStation in the mid-90s. For a time, Square Enix (formally SquareSoft) was uncertain if western audiences would grasp the deeper gameplay mechanics that drove character growth. But after the global success of Final Fantasy VII, they decided it was time to start bridging the gap in sequels in the US lineup. As a result, Final Fantasy V was the first to be released as part of the Final Fantasy Anthology compilation on the PlayStation in 1999.

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Final Fantasy Retrospective: The Super Famicom Years

We continue our journey with the "Golden Age" of Final Fantasy

Welcome to the second part of our exhaustive look at the history of Final Fantasy! In the first edition, we looked at the birth of a role playing series that would go on to capture the hearts and minds of millions of gamers worldwide and the man behind that idea-Hironobu Sakaguchi. This time we move into the 16 bit era, a time when the Final Fantasy franchise truly took its place on the world stage of RPGs. So please join us as we delve into the Super Famicom Years.

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