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#classic games

Nerds Without Pants Episode 93: Classic Game Consumption

We had so much to talk about that we needed a bonus episode!

Welcome to a surprise edition of Nerds Without Pants! After our nearly three-hour kickoff for our new Stage Select feature, we decided to get together for a good old fashioned “all Consumption Junction” episode. Strap in for a couple hours of media consumption!

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The 100 Greatest Console Video Games: 1977-1987 Review

Time to hook up the Starpath Supercharger

It should be obvious from the title that The 100 Greatest Console Video Games: 1977-1987 is a very specific book that will appeal to a very specific audience. Brett Weiss, who writes many books with a narrow, historical focus, branches out slightly and tries to give his readers a huge swallow of his opinion about the first full decade of console gaming. If you have an interest – or strong opinions – about this era of gaming, you’ll be pretty pleased reading through Weiss’s descriptions and critiques.

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NES Remix 2 Review

A considerable improvement from the first.

After NES Remix, I badly wanted a sequel. My main concerns with the first Remix were that developers EAD Tokyo and indieszero focused on Nintendo’s 1983-1986 Famicom line-up, which has not aged well. This second Remix, like all good sequels, takes what made the first game so great and improves upon the flaws. They also threw in backwards Super Mario Bros. with Luigi physics and a Nintendo World Championship mini-game if you own the first NES Remix -- how can you say no to that?

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NewsBit: Week of October 15

Mac gaming receives a boost from, Japanese Vita sales lag, The Old Republic details free-to-play, and more.

Click through for the biggest gaming news stories for the week of October 15:

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