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Live Stream of Duke Nukem Forever at 8:00pm EST

We've got our hands on a review copy of Duke Nukem Forever!

PixlBit has received a review copy of the perennially delayed Duke Nukem Forever! It's rated M for Mature, so please only watch if you are over the age of 17. Duke Nukem Forever has Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Mature Humor, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, and Use of Drugs and Alcohol content descriptors from the ESRB. We at PixlBit can also be prone to vulgarity, so consider yourself forewarned. For those curious, our copy of the game is for the Xbox 360.

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Conduit 2 Review

Gamers who only own a Wii can even do better than this at this point.

Utter mediocrity. There’s no better way to describe High Voltage’s second Conduit title. It’s almost unfortunate for the team, really. Had this been a year ago, mediocrity of this sort could’ve crushed something like Red Steel 2, given the complete dearth of competent Wii shooters. However, after the release of GoldenEye and Black Ops, Conduit 2 doesn’t shine so brightly. Things get even worse when you start pitting it against shooters on other consoles, like the recently released Killzone 3. In any case, Conduit 2 feels very much like an imitator of modern shooters – an imitator that doesn’t really grasp what makes all of those other shooters so great. Though a valiant effort, the end result is somewhat akin to Valve’s Half Life 2, without the big thrills, surprises, and competent enemies.

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Dragon Age: Origins Review

Bioware reminds us what the bar is with their latest RPG.

Over the years, I’ve played my fair share of RPG’s. From the turned-based action of Final Fantasy, to the real time mechanics of Oblivion and Fallout 3, this genre has always kept me coming back for more with its epic story lines and ever-changing game play. Bioware games are no exception either, with Knights of the Old Replublic and Mass Effect being among my favorite games of all time. That being said, I had high hopes that their newest title, Dragon Age: Origins, would give me the same great experience I’ve come to expect from the studio. And that happens to be exactly what I got, with “same” being the keyword here.

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