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Mega Man Legends 3 Project Officially Canceled

The title was slated to have a prototype released on the 3DS eShop, but this, too, has been canceled.

Capcom has used its Mega Man Legends 3 Project Developer's Room to announce Mega Man Legends 3 Project has been fully canceled. In a note left to the community Capcom created for assistance in choosing some ideas for the planned title, Capcom revealed that various sectors within the company didn't feel as though the title was of high enough quality to enter into full production, so Capcom's response was to cancel the game.

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PS3 Disc Drive Errors Not Sony's Fault

Though originally thought to be linked to Firmware 3.0, the release of 3.1 has revealed that the issue lies with users' hardware.

Players noticed issues with their PS3 recently after updating to Sony's 3.0 firmware. The issue came while playing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and WipEout HD.

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DS and PSP N+ Servers Down for Good

With the closing of SilverBirch Studios, and the game being declared a financial failure by Atari, players will no longer be able to enjoy multiplayer or level sharing.

When SilverBirch Studios closed doors earlier this year, the servers for N+ on the DS and PSP were also turned off. Atari has been attempting to recover this data and return the servers to their former glory, however it appears the data is now gone for good.

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