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Pushmo World Review

Great new puzzle types and a hub to share creations makes Pushmo World one of the best games on the eShop.

If you’ve played Pushmo on the 3DS, you should have a pretty clear idea of what you’re in for with Pushmo World on the Wii U. Excellent and intricate block puzzles are the core of the experience, along with improved online features. Furthermore, a new section of Pushmo have been added which vary up the core rules to make for new and interesting challenges that augment the core experience. Just like Pushmo on the 3DS, Pushmo World is a must-have Wii U title that stands out as one of the best offerings on the eShop.

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Crashmo Review

Oh poor Mallo, how gravity befalls the blocks you push and pull…

Pushmo was a wonderful surprise back when it was released in 2011; the Intelligent Systems developed puzzle/platforming game took a simple premise and made it a fantastic in-depth game with a nice custom-builder. Much to my surprise and delight, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems made a sequel! Crashmo, like its predecessor, has Mallo pushing and pulling blocks. However, the effects of gravity now play a bigger part in the game, because now the blocks crash to the ground.

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