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#online passes

PixlTalk Episode 53: You Shall Not (Online) Pass!!!!

Are Online Passes enough to protect a convoluted games market?

Angelo Grant joins the heroes this week as we take on another evildoer in the industry of gaming … Online Passes! With the recent controversy revolving around Kingdoms of Amalur’s (which is amazing by the way) day one DLC, people are in an uproar. Are publishers wrong for using these crude tactics to protect their big bucks? Or are we gamers simply idealists who refuse to acknowledge the video game industry as a business? You decide this week on PixlTalk.

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EA Online Passes Can Expire in New Games

Luckily, you can get another one free.

There has been a recent trend of publishers implementing Online Passes in a lot of their games with online play. Whether you agree with this practice or not, when it comes to buying games brand new, you expect your code to work and to be able to play online.

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Nickel and Dimed at the Online Store

An in-depth roundtable discussion on the growing used games monetization problem – and its solutions.

Jesse: Since people apparently don’t want to spend $60 on every game, publishers have pinned their hopes on taking a bite out of the used market.

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