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Shio Review

O masocore games, how I love thee.

There’s an itch that super challenging platformers scratch for me that other games just can't. While it’s always nice to dig into a classic platformer like Mario or something a bit more unique like Rayman, getting my fix of games like Super Meat Boy and N++ is a necessity. Shio fits very nicely into that niche and offers a decent chunk of gameplay, a unique hook that differentiates it from the crowd, and healthy offering of secrets to extend the experience.

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Shio Gameplay

See the masocore platformer in action.

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Heavy On the Chic, Still on the Geek

A dozen or so fashion styles that keep trends just as much in line as geeky interests.

Everyone loves clothing, especially nice clothes, which help you feel good, get a job, and impress your girlfriend's family. But what people love most about clothes is using them as an outlet of self-expression. I've worn every type of clothing a girl could possibly wear, from frilly dresses in my youngest days to large men's tees from Hot Topic in my young teens. Nowadays I try to balance my two inner-mes out between self-expressionist and old band tees and trendy designer dressings and ankle boots (which I've only worn twice, I won't lie!!). Clothing is actually how I met my one true love as well, as I bumped face first into Neal's Super Mario Bros. tee. Let's face it – clothes are important for almost every aspect of life.

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