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#tomb raider

Nerds Without Pants Episode 79: What a Haul! What a Haul!

Seeing a new episode of NWP is available fills you with determination.

Welcome to 2016, and welcome to the first Nerds Without Pants of that year that I just mentioned! The Pantsless Ones come back from break with all sorts of goodies and games to talk about, so let's just jump into it.

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 76: Mother's Day

Go tell your mom that you love her. Then listen to this.

And the Nerds Without Pants make their triumphant return! After four long months, the Pantsless Ones are back together. Come join us as Julian talks about why the show went on hiatus, Patrick's enlightening trip to Ireland, Until Dawn, Tomb Raider, Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront, and more!

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 27: Summer Jams

There's nothing better than a Slurpee and a great game on a hot summer day.

Hello again! Patrick is on vacation in New York City this week, so it's up to Julian and new third chair Angelo to hold down the fort. Somehow, they manage to ramble on for two hours about this, that, and the other thing.

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Push Start to Continue Episode 7: The Land Before Homeward Bound Edition

Sometimes you just need a good cry

In this exciting installment of PStC the guys talk about Lara's abrupt character arc in the new Tomb Raider, discuss evolving game review scores, and somehow end up on the subject of movies that made them cry as children.  Check the machismo at the door and prepare to get your cry on now, on Push Start to Continue.

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