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#monster hunter

3DS Circle Pad Attachment Detailed

While it didn't make an appearance at last night's conference, Nintendo did officially reveal and detail it on their website.

It was expected that Nintendo would detail the new 3DS Circle Pad Attachment peripheral during their press conference last night. It was also speculated that the peripheral would be something Monster Hunter specific, designed and created by Capcom. Neither held true when Nintendo revealed the peripheral after the conference online last night. Retailing at ¥1,500, the peripheral will be an officially supported add-on and will be available later this year on December 10, alongside the release of Monster Hunter 3 G, which will include support for the peripheral.

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Nintendo Conference Reveals New Games, Details, Release Dates

3DS owners can look forward to Monster Hunter 4, Mario Tennis, and Fire Emblem.

Last night, Nintendo hosted a 3DS-centric press conference that revealed a variety of new games, details on existing titles, and a number of release dates and windows. The leaked peripheral that will feature a second circle pad wasn't featured at the show, though details were revealed officially by Nintendo on their website. Monster Hunter 3 G, which will utilize the peripheral, was showcased in depth, and its sequel, Monster Hunter 4 was officially revealed for the 3DS and teased with a short trailer.

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Famitsu Confirms Second Circle Pad Peripheral for 3DS

Monster Hunter 3 G is also on the way and is the impetus for the new accessory.

Last night, scans from the new Famitsu magazine have confirmed the rumor that a second circle pad peripheral is coming to the 3DS. According to the article, the peripheral was spurred by a port of Monster Hunter Tri, Monster Hunter 3 G. In addition to adding a circle pad, the peripheral will bring a second R trigger button, adding further functionality to the system.

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Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga Review

This "action-RPG" includes more running and standing around than action.

Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga is the third iteration of the Valhalla Knights series, which up until now, have lived solely on the PSP. Each entry in the series is a part of the action-RPG genre featuring a mission-based structure. Eldar Saga falls in line with its predecessor but now features a seamless battle system that occurs in realtime.

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