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PixlTalk E3 2012 Episode One

Join various PixlBit crew members to talk about Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

The various members of PixlBit have come together to recap the news from the day and give their impressions of the various conferences. For this E3, we've split off into three groups, one to cover each of the big three companies.

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Mailbag Has Been Revived

Zombie mailbag wants your brains. (In a good way.)

Avid fans of PixlBit (Read: Zap) may have noticed I've mentioned the idea of a solo podcast a few times in the past month. While at first, the idea was uncertain, as time passes, it seems to be more and more of a sure thing. How does Mailbag relate? I want to read and respond to listener mail! That's right. I want listener mail! I know the podcast hasn't yet begun, but it will soon, so why not get a head-start? You could be featured. You could be featured in the first edition of "JasonCast" or "PixlJalk," or whatever we decide to name the thing. How about, for the first episode, you send in suggestions for the title of the show? As always, suggestions can go to mailbag AT pixlbit DOT com, but in this case, they can also be sent to jasonr AT pixlbit DOT com, too.

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