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Fight A Day 20: SFV Replay

On 02/26/2016 at 08:58 PM by Vice's Assistant

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I’m tired, have a headache, and did two job interviews today that were for shit door-to-door sales that didn’t say that upfront. Just not in the mood to write. Enjoy or not these replays then (please feel free to delete this flavor text in reblogs on tumblr).

Also a big apology for Super Step. I completely forgot about Wedsnday. Sorry this week has been super busy.



Super Step Contributing Writer

02/27/2016 at 02:54 AM

No apology necessary, I only played SFV for a bit anyway. I actually thought I may have faced your Cammy, but alas you are not PurpleReign on there. lol 

My rental pretty much solidified my plan of not buying the game until everything is in there. I knew it was bare bones, but I beat every character's "story mode" (more like intro mode) in an hour or two I think. Maybe less?

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