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Fight A Day 21: Pokken Tournament-Will it Be Super Effective?

On 02/29/2016 at 11:08 PM by Vice's Assistant

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Originally posted by dragonitedelight

In  few weeks, one of the biggest gambles of the 20 years of Pokemon will be unleashed. Its not the two new main series Pokemon games nor the game featuring the talking Pikachu that people wish was voiced by Danny Devito. Pokken Tournament is the newest spin off of game from the Pokemon series, aiming to go where many people have dreamed Pokemon going to for years: fighting games. Its attempt at being a fighting game is an interesting one, even snagging a spot at this years EVO. But will Pokken Tournament gardener enough support, both casually and completely, to be a seasoned champ or a one time wonder?

As its mash up title suggest, Pokken gets much of inspiration from the 3D fighter Tekken. Much of the combat in Pokken revolves around juggles but not entirely. Pokken switches from a full 3D combat camera and perspective to a 2D camera from moves called phase shifts. When the plane shifts the camera from 3D to 2D, Pokken’s Tekken heritage truly begins to shine with familiar juggles and a few characters with familiar attacks. Pikachu doing an Electric God Wind Fist never gets old.  Phase Shifts seem to try to marriage the perceived openness of Pokemon battles in the 3D behind the shoulder camera, while in the 2D-like form,  is meant to evoke Tekken. In many ways, that’s best expression of what Pokken is: An attempt to capture familiar Pokemon aspects but also pair that with 3D fighting.

There is some doubt about Pokken. Actually, correction, there’s many doubts about Pokken. The first and biggest was if was going to make the jump to the Wii U. Thankfully, Nintendo did announce a home port of the late last year. However more problems rose about its competitive aspects. Nintendo has done its far share of promoting the game as a competitive game with last year having an invitational tournament, inviting some of the top pro FGC players to play the game. There is also the fact that Nintendo has made the arcade version of the game playable in the US to via select Dave and Busters. Still that hasn’t evoked a strong competitive crowd much like Smash Bros has yet. My main concern with the game really comes down to assists Pokemon, how they are balanced, and fears that the right assist with the right fighter could create an overpowered combination. It gives me flash backs to Street Fighter X Tekken gems system and how that made things more over complicated than simpler. Also I’m worried about the support Pokken will receive post launch. Pokken will feature no DLC for the game (outside of Amiibo support and even then the use of Amiibos is a few times per day). For those skeptical about fighting games with their DLC practices, its a good thing. Yet, with many fan not quite wooed with the cast, I’m wondering if having some DLC of fan favorite characters might keep interest up. That’s another peculiar thing about Pokken; we are a few weeks away from release and its only been recently that Pokken has being getting some coverage. Even in the last Pokemon Nintendo Direct, it was only mentioned in name only. Not a really good sign for a game.

Originally posted by neogohann

Pokken Tournament has everything it need to be a killer fighting game. It has two of the most popular brands in fighting and RPGs, a talented team developing it, and even a place at one of the biggest  competitive fighting game tournament. What it lacks though is the support from both Nintendo and its future players. Competitive players doubt it has the legs to stand in the competitive circuit and causal players might be turned off of by the complexity. Time will tell if Pokken Tournament will be the next new fighting staple for Nintendo…or another Joy Mecha Fight.



Super Step Contributing Writer

02/29/2016 at 11:54 PM

I feel old. Why is Mewtwo fighting a chandelier?


03/02/2016 at 09:29 PM

I love Chandelure, one cool freaking pokemon! it gave Mewtwo a good run for his money,lol!

Captain N

02/29/2016 at 11:56 PM

I am really excited for it, as it actually captures the essence of the Pokemon Battles from the anime as it seems that's how an actual Pokemon Battle would work in real life. It looks really fun and alot of my favorite Pokemon are in it, just wish it had more variety in thr roster when it came to types.

Maybe they'll announce more Pokemon before it launches. Hopefully it turns out well and sells well.

Cary Woodham

03/01/2016 at 03:48 AM

I'm looking forward to it.  It looks fun and colorful and I'm interesting in seeing what they do with it.


03/02/2016 at 09:25 PM

I think it has a decent chance, Ive seen several youtube videos about it that speak mostly only good things about it. Im pretty excited an Im hopeing I can buy it on launch but it just depends on how things look.

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