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In which I start playing with the DS family again (Animal Crossing love)

On 07/05/2019 at 12:13 AM by avidacridjam

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Two years ago I did something that I truly regret: in desperate need of money, I sold my 3DS XL and knowing full well that my purchases couldn't be saved (or that they could and I didn't want to prep for that). I bought quite a few digital games and physical copies for that wonderful handheld. It didn't even matter to me that I had an older model (it wasn't a "new" 3DS). 

One thing that I've learned growing up is that you have less purchasing power the older you get. And if you're paying for a place to live and utilities and bills and all that jazz, the ability to hold on to this glorious hobby gets harder and harder. But every once in a while you get a reprieve and a chance to start over on an aspect of that hobby and I got a very cheap way to do that when I picked up a 2DS last week for $30 bucks. It was in pretty good condition and as a plus, it was the green/brown version that had LOZ: Ocarina of Time pre-installed. I took it home, charged it up and knew I had to acquire another title, a title I had missed playing since I sold that 3DS. You guessed it: Animal Crossing New Leaf. 

I know that I'm the umpteenth person saying this but ACNL is an amazing time-suck of a game. Leave it to the developers to make the mellowest game with the smallest stakes imaginable and turn it into appointment gaming on a daily basis. If it ain't the music, its the town design; if not the town design, its the cast of characters; if it ain't the characters, its the variety of things to do and maintain (and none of it feels like a chore). 

Do I plan to re-buy all of the eShop game purchases that I had previously? You bet. I need Dr. Mario, older LOZ titles, Pokemon Puzzle Challenge, the NES Super Mario games, other NES titles and games that I've forgotten about. Does the 2DS cheese wedge design feel weird at times? Yes. When I was playing something like Ocarina of Time, trying to get a comfortable grip to accommodate those shoulder buttons felt weird. And I didn't use the 3D effect that much so I don't miss that aspect. So, progress is being made. 

In other gaming news, I still put in time for RDR2, Overwatch and Stardew Valley. Today I played quite a bit of Overwatch but the randos I kept encountering have been disappointing me. None of these goobers care about good team composition (2 tanks, 2 damage and 2 support). No, most of them all want to be damage because of their precious kill-death ratio. Do they wonder why so many matches are lost? I found myself to be the lone healer in a lot of matches. Its infuriating. I don't recall this problem on the PS4. Does Xbox just attract the dummies or something?

Today is the 4th fo July so i hope you guys have had a good one. I saw two films today (Toy Story 4 and Spiderman Far From Home; both excellent) and then headed home to grill some hot italian sausages and burgers on my new George Foreman grill. Fireworks are all about in the neighborhood but I never paid them any mind. 

I plan to record a new episode for my podcast this Sunday evening with a guest. Now that I've got a good digital recorder, I can record Skype calls. I hope everything works out. 

A handful of you may already know this but I'm on Discord and have joined with Pixlbit's channel. If you'd like to add me, my account is avidacridjam #8332. I'll try to be active there as well even though I'm a serious newbie when it comes to that service.



Super Step Contributing Writer

07/05/2019 at 12:39 AM

Looking forward to the podcast. I have not had a handheld system since the DS, but if I can find something as cheap as $30, maybe I'll change that. Or buy a Switch ... being honest with myself, I'm probably not going to buy a Switch. 

Good for you with RDR2, cause this is the second time I've rented it from GameFly and had the data disc just stop in the middle of the download. I've tried several things suggested online and am now moving a couple files around and switching to system storage (as opposed to the 2TB external HD I was trying to put the game on before). Wish me luck!

Cary Woodham

07/05/2019 at 09:09 AM

Since Nintendo is not making any 3DS games anymore in the forseeable future, I'm going to do a 3DS tribute 'best of' blog sometime in the next month or so.


07/11/2019 at 03:31 AM

Looking forward to that!


07/05/2019 at 09:58 PM

I just traded my beloved 3DS XL to Gamestop for store credit. I just wasn't finding the time to play it enough. I had a few downloadable games on it but not a lot. I miss it already. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

07/06/2019 at 08:39 AM

Yeah, that's the reason me and my brother stopped playing Left 4 Dead back in the day and haven't really played online since - too tough to find good players. It sucks. 

Glad you got back into DS world. Damn fine system. 

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