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In which you're never really done...

On 08/09/2022 at 05:54 PM by avidacridjam

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I returned to Assassin's Creed Odyssey a couple of weekends ago and realized a new quest has been added in which Kassandra and her two friends (Barnabas and Herodotus) go on another quest after Kass has taken a six-month-long vacation. I didn't read much about it when it was released so I didn't realize until it was over that it was the final story mission and thus the actual end of the game. There's still plenty of stuff to do (and I haven't done any DLC stuff yet) but seeing the actual end of a game that took me a little over 200 hours felt very poignant. AC Odyssey may be a controversial entry in the series (for certain AC fans) but it was so satisfying to me. I still plan to return to its shores some day....

...if AC Valhalla stops adding content, that is. My God, it's a juggernaut. The rogue-lite mode was added last week and more free stuff will be added for the remainder of the year, including one last story mission for Eivor (a sun-setting quest like the one for Kassandra mention above). Playing both Odyssey and Valhalla recently hammered home the differences in playstyle and QOL changes. I think I prefer the combat of Valhalla a little more (managing stamina makes fights interesting) but the abilities of Odyssey are better. I also wish Valhalla's eagle was able to spot and tag enemies. 

I also recently made some further progress with Horizon Forbidden West. Once I acquired the diving mask, it's like another branch of the game opened up. The swimming mechanics are quite good and the underwater level design is just as beautiful as the land design. Right now, I'm just farming for items to upgrade pouches, weapons and outfits. Such a great game so far. 

Has anyone here played Evil Dead: The Game? I've got some Xbox friends who keep asking me to buy it so I can play with them. I get paid later this week so I plan to get it then. I've heard good things (e.g. as long as you have friends to play with, its good; with randos, hit and miss) and it'd be nice to play something else with them besides Gears 5. 



Super Step Contributing Writer

08/11/2022 at 06:20 AM

Man, most of what you're playing is the stuff I find too intimidating to start. 

I wish I had an XBOX to play Evil Dead with you but alas ... also, if it is on PS5 then I'm still a bit reluctant after being burned by buying multiplayer games only to have everyone else lose interest after about a week.


08/11/2022 at 10:34 AM

I've been playing Discovery Mode in Odyssey. I hope to play the main campaign sometime soon. 

I've been keeping an eye on Evil Dead. Looks like it might be good. 

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