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Mario Sports Mix

Mario Sports Mix Review

Multiple anything in a single game never seems to go well.

No matter your preference for sports games, I think it’s safe to say that the Mario Sports line has some universal appeal that just about anyone can love. Starting with Mario Tennis, straight up to Mario Baseball, each and every game has been well-polished, deep, and immensely enjoyable for long periods of time. Mario Sports Mix, the latest in the Mario Sports line, does not live up to this pedigree in the least. Much more akin to mini-games from the Mario Party series, Mario Sports Mix stuffs four half-baked sports games into one.

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Mario to Hold Live Press Conference

Nintendo will be promoting their upcoming title, Mario Sports Mix, with a mock press conference.

Next week, fans of Mario sports titles can tune into a special live press conference starring the Italian plumber himself. Mario will be discussing his career in sports in promotion of his upcoming Wii title, Mario Sports Mix.

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Mario Sports Mix Heading to North America February 7th

Expect to see the latest addition to the Mario sporting line-up sooner than originally planned.

Following rumors of an early February launch, Nintendo confirmed Mario Sports Mix will be available on February 7th in North America. The new release date comes as a slight surprise, as when the game was unveiled at E3 Nintendo suggested it was a title that would reach the US in the Spring of 2011 rather than in Winter.

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Final Teased Mario Sports Mix Character Revealed

After a week of waiting, the final pre-release character of Mario Sports Mix has been revealed to be...Suraimu?

Last week the Japanese Mario Sports Mix site revealed a number of characters for the upcoming title. While these characters turned out to be Final Fantasy themed, one last question space remained blank on the site.

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Mario Sports Mix Website Reveals New Characters

The Japanese website received an update yesterday revealing a large amount of new information.

Final Fantasy characters top the list of new Mario Sports Mix additions revealed yesterday. Alongside the new characters comes a showcase of stages and special moves.

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Mario Sports Mix Hands On Preview

Mario and the gang team up to play 4 all new sport games.

Mario sports has been expanding more and more over the years, this time around there's a few new sports to play. These sports include Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, and Dodgeball, all of which in concept are a great idea.

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