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Fallout: New Vegas

Obsidian Entertainment Employees Laid Off Due to Metacritic Score

South Park RPG and unnamed next gen title affected

Joystiq has reported that Obsidian Entertainment was struck by layoffs this week, affecting staff across the board.  As a result, staff currently developing the South Park RPG were let go, and an unnamed next gen project was canceled. 

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Bethesda Wins Lawsuit Over Fallout

Interplay no longer has a license to develop a Fallout MMO.

In what is surely the first huge story of 2012, it was announced today that Bethesda Softworks has won the rights to the entire Fallout franchise, lock, stock, and barrel. The lawsuit, filed back in 2009 against original Fallout developer Interplay, had to do with a proposed MMO set in the popular wasteland series. This comes after a loss against Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, over the use of the word “scrolls” for the indie company’s next game.

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Bethesda Hits the $300 Million Jackpot in Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas Ships 5 Million copies and stores are already placing orders for more. Physical and digital sales combined are over $300 million.

Today Bethesda Softworks announced something unsurprising: New Vegas, the latest release in the Fallout series sold a lot of copies. Combined numbers of the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC versions shipped-to-date is recorded at 5 million. You can write off those numbers as 'shipped' versus sold, but Bethesda has already received numerous requests for new shipments from their retail partners.

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Fallout: New Vegas Review

It's Fallout 3 with a better story.

I guess Ron Perlman wasn’t joking when he said, “War never changes.” At the very least it seems to stay pretty consistent in Fallout: New Vegas, the sequel to Fallout 3 the 2008 video game of the year. Rather than developing the game in-house, as they did with 3, Bethesda Studios turned over the production of the game to Obsidian Entertainment, the spiritual successor to the original creators of the Fallout franchise.

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PixlTalk Episode 20: We're Back!

Thanks to a great new live mixing program, PixlTalk is back in action!

On this momentous day, Nick, Jason R., and Stanton have convened to create the twentieth episode of PixlTalk after an extremely long break. The crew has skipped discussion of what they've been playing in lieu of talk of current news and recently released games.

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