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Mass Effect 3: Omega

Mass Effect After the Fact: An Outsider's Perspective

You don't have to be hardcore to have an opinion.

It’s been nearly a year since Mass Effect 3 was released, and with it the conclusion of a trilogy that most players had waited 5 long years to see. To say that the ending was controversial would be the understatement of this generation; so incensed were fans at the final moments of Mass Effect 3 that BioWare had to go back to redo the ending, which still did little to please the audience. PixlBit is home to a large number of passionate Mass Effect fans. We’ve said our piece on the trilogy’s end through blogs, articles, and podcasts. Working at a video game website, we keep ourselves plugged in to the gaming community and are well aware of the grievances of the day. But what about the more casual player? I was curious to talk to someone that enjoyed Mass Effect but was completely divorced from the hype train that had been building around this franchise since 2007. How would such a person view the series, the ending, and the fan reaction?

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Mass Effect 3: Omega - Launch Trailer

Available now from the respective digital shops for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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Mass Effect 3 Brings More DLC

Return to Omega, packing new weapons, and an unlikely ally.

It’s been a rough year for BioWare, especially the Mass Effect team. After the outcry of fans upset with the outcome of the epic sci-fi/RPG trilogy the team had to postpone planned DLC to work on a new ending. To quell the anger in that time, multiple free multiplayer add ons were released, and the game didn’t see its first true story-based DLC until Leviathan was released in August. It seems like the team is back on track, soldiering on after the departure of the company founders. While it won’t quite make it in time for “N7 Day”, the Omega DLC pack will be available soon, and promises to be the biggest addition to the game so far.

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