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South Park: The Game Now Named South Park: The Stick of Truth?

The Xbox Live Marketplace seems to leak another.

A listing for South Park: The Game became visible yesterday on the Xbox Live Marketplace thanks to its supposed release date of May 5. However, the listing didn't feature the working title, but instead the name South Park: The Stick of Truth. Complete with correspoding box art, as well as screens that match Obsidian and THQ's latest work, it's likely the two titles are one in the same.

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PixlTalk Episode 34: Hylian Mutant Rioting Turtles

It's downloadable game week on PixlTalk. Find out what recommendations Joaquim, Matt M, and Jason R have for every modern console!

The three podcasters sat down to discuss riots in Canada over hockey games, but somehow got the topic got shifted to video games with crowd control. Join Matt, Joaquim and Jason as they talk about riots and crowds in gaming, then segue into gang fighting, with the foot clan in TMNT.

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